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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hello everybody- This week was another cold and rainy week. But despite all of that we still got some good work in. Monday was P-day and we just played soccer and then we headed off to Serit Kiche and slept in the church out there. On Tuesday we caught the first truck up to Yalijux. Tuesday we got up to Yalijux and there wasn’t much time left in the day so we just cleaned the house really good and got all the mud out of the house. Wednesday was a miserable day and my comp was kinda sick so we took it easy. I think we only had one lesson but we did get duck caldo there and it was really good! Haha. After that was Thursday and my comp was sick so we didn’t leave at all. Then Friday we had a pretty good day we visited some less actives and some recent converts of mine and of my comps from when he was in Yalijux before. Saturday was the highlight of the week! They installed a cell phone tower in Serit Kiche and that’s pretty far from Yalijux but people were running around searching for signal. The bad thing is we don’t get service on our nokia but I found service right out of my house with a cell phone I borrowed that had a antenna and all the people around were yelling “he found service!!” haha that’s how you know my letter is boring... I’m talking about cell service.  So now I am in 1 of the 2 areas in our mission without service.  Well it sounds like your week was good and also the talks you got to hear sounded good. I’m glad everything is great over there in the USA haha. 
PS - it snowed in Guatemala this last week! Well I love you all and have a great week!!

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