Guatemala Flag

Guatemala Flag

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guatemala CCM (MTC) April 27, 2011

GUATEMALA is amazing!!!!! coolest place I've been before by far I love this place. The flight was good I had my own row and slept the whole time.  The CCM is tiny but nice, way nicer than the mtc. They wanted us to hop on email and let you guys know we didn't get shot yet. ps all the cops have ak47s! ha cop sirens all the time! My room has a good temple view and we are right in the city. The bus that picked us up had flames on it and was driving like crazy!   It's pretty humid not too bad but its ok! well I got to go see ya! love you all!

more details...the flight was an all nighter. Then we had to find our ride and we finally found this bus with flames that was for us and sped us though the city it was pretty fun. We got back and they let us rest. And we had a lil store set up down stairs where the locals made bags and stuff, like we saw in Hawaii.  I bought a cool case for my el libro de mormon ha! Now we are doing some newbie stuff time to go!

they wanted us to tell you about

Friday, April 22, 2011

Provo MTC April 22, 2011

hahaha the mini crossbow is awesome send me one of those!!
Anyways! my last week at the MTC was great I cant believe I leave here on Tuesday! I think my layover at lax is from 6-9 pm on Tuesday and I'll have time to call so make sure you answer your phone!  On Tuesday Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us and it was really cool!  I'm going blank on his lesson but i took a billion notes.  Also Yesterday was my last day with my teacher Hermano Black he is a amazing teacher and I'll miss him a lot.  But ill probably forget about him in a few days.  He told us the story about how him and his wife met yesterday and it was pretty good. He's writing a book about it. I think Morgan should hop onto movie rights ha!  This week I got 4 boxes in 1 day. The box from you (mom) and two from Morgan and one from Alyssa. They all were packed with soda, candy, and food and I'm trying to finish it all before I leave!  Morgan's and Alyssa's boxes both had hawaian rolls in them. I thought that was pretty funny.  I met an Elder from Tempe AZ who is in my mission and I am his travel leader for our flight on Tues but he knows a lot of my friends from Tempe and I've seen him at the skatepark there before, so that was kinda cool.  Spanish is going good, I would tell you what I've been learning but I'm bad at typing Spanish and I don't get a lot of time on the computers.  Right now (Friday morning) we went and did temple work and got temple breakfast. The temple breakfast is a million times better than MTC food. Gym time is really fun. Thursdays we have gym with the french and we always destroy them in 4 square.  Ties, I  NEED more ties, my teacher Hermano Briggs had a few ties I liked and they were called wembley ties so search that on ebay and buy me some!  100% polyester is the best but silk is ok too!  I'm really excited to get to the CCM mainly because I'll actually be in Guate but also because we can leave the MTC and go to stores and what not. So I'm excited to roam around Guate to get out.  I haven't heard what my new address in the CCM will be.  I'll let you know as soon as possible but i don't think any letters or packages should get sent here cause I'll be gone before I get them, unless you do the byu same day thing. Morgan you should same day me some Chipotle!!! steak burrito, black beans, rice, pico, corn, cheese and sour cream.  DO it or I'll cry!  I'm getting a hair cut at 9:15 I hope they don't slaughter my hair =D..well time is gone here on the interwebz! adios!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Provo MTC April 15, 2011

ohhhh crap! I wrote out a huge email and I lost it. Well this one is rushed now sorry! So this week has been good! This is going to be one huge run on sentence! ha Ronald A Rasband of the pres of the 70 talked to us it was really cool, I got my travel plans to go to the ccm and I am the travel leader so I get to assign comps and what not. I have a 3 hour lay over at lax who wants to bring me a present =p ummm my travel day doesn't get us to guate till 6 am and I'll probably go strait to class! Oh yes the tiresome life! um I went to the temple this morning and the food was 38973489573489 times better than the mtc food I've seen Janae a few times now, its nice seeing people from home. ummm I am really bad at replying to the dear elders but I do read them. I know its kind of a one way conversation but keep sending them and also send hand written ones. We got some snow, now we have sun. ummmmmmmm what else I know I wrote more before I lost it. Oh yea I told one of my teachers that's going to graduation at byu to listen for Morgan's name! And he said he will. Also a teacher here served in San Jose which put him in Salinas. So he said he remembers Roger. So somebody ask Rodger (see how i used both spellings of Roger/Rodger to get it right at least once) if he remembers Elder Black. What else... the food here is boring! I want some yummy feewwwd already! Drawing a blank here what else... um I've been playing basket ball everyday. I cant make a lay up for my life but I can hit 3s all day KOOBEEE!  ha! Its all in the shoes. Thanks for the shoes dad! I love the mtc so dont worry about me, wow that sounded like a bad rap song.  I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me yeeaaah uhhh huhhh I love the mtc so dont worry about me I love the mtc so dont worry about me haha ok I'm done, out of time oh yeah my email that I lost had lots of spanish in it but this one I had to rush out really quick so maybe you'll get some espanol next week! love you all! Adios 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Provo MTC April 9, 2011

Hey! All is going well in the mtc. I'm the district leader of my district haha this may be a long two years of dl, zl, and ap! since they already have made me a dl.  Sorry for the rushed/bad letter we only get 30 mins on the computer then it kicks you off. I've been falling asleep right away at 10:30 no trouble sleeping although I do wake up at 3-4 cause that's all the sleep my body is used to...nobody in my zone had heard Rebecca Black because they were in the mtc when the video came out. But one kid in my zone has gotten a letter with the lyrics to friday on it but they didn't know how it was supposed to be sung so I sung it in front of like 20-30 kids hahaha it was fun. Good thing I know exactly how the song goes! Not too much going on gym is fun playing basketball in my KOBE shoes hhahah. Espanol is hard but I'm getting it, kind of....I only share a room with one kid we got lucky and dont have 4 to our room like everyone else, I could use a nice big package of snacks and soda with caffeine. Caffeinated soda is like gold here I got my hands on one mtn dew with caffeine and its locked up in my drawer!  There is a red head kid in my zone that has been here for 7 weeks and can't leave because the peruvian visa are not being accepted. Well he looks just like dad surfer style and he tried to eat a huge earth worm last night and I have it on video =] I'll be forwarding the video home soon. Oh and its snowing! bye for now send me letters!
Elder Jake Brenden Asdel