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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Provo MTC April 9, 2011

Hey! All is going well in the mtc. I'm the district leader of my district haha this may be a long two years of dl, zl, and ap! since they already have made me a dl.  Sorry for the rushed/bad letter we only get 30 mins on the computer then it kicks you off. I've been falling asleep right away at 10:30 no trouble sleeping although I do wake up at 3-4 cause that's all the sleep my body is used to...nobody in my zone had heard Rebecca Black because they were in the mtc when the video came out. But one kid in my zone has gotten a letter with the lyrics to friday on it but they didn't know how it was supposed to be sung so I sung it in front of like 20-30 kids hahaha it was fun. Good thing I know exactly how the song goes! Not too much going on gym is fun playing basketball in my KOBE shoes hhahah. Espanol is hard but I'm getting it, kind of....I only share a room with one kid we got lucky and dont have 4 to our room like everyone else, I could use a nice big package of snacks and soda with caffeine. Caffeinated soda is like gold here I got my hands on one mtn dew with caffeine and its locked up in my drawer!  There is a red head kid in my zone that has been here for 7 weeks and can't leave because the peruvian visa are not being accepted. Well he looks just like dad surfer style and he tried to eat a huge earth worm last night and I have it on video =] I'll be forwarding the video home soon. Oh and its snowing! bye for now send me letters!
Elder Jake Brenden Asdel

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