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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hello everybody- This week was another cold and rainy week. But despite all of that we still got some good work in. Monday was P-day and we just played soccer and then we headed off to Serit Kiche and slept in the church out there. On Tuesday we caught the first truck up to Yalijux. Tuesday we got up to Yalijux and there wasn’t much time left in the day so we just cleaned the house really good and got all the mud out of the house. Wednesday was a miserable day and my comp was kinda sick so we took it easy. I think we only had one lesson but we did get duck caldo there and it was really good! Haha. After that was Thursday and my comp was sick so we didn’t leave at all. Then Friday we had a pretty good day we visited some less actives and some recent converts of mine and of my comps from when he was in Yalijux before. Saturday was the highlight of the week! They installed a cell phone tower in Serit Kiche and that’s pretty far from Yalijux but people were running around searching for signal. The bad thing is we don’t get service on our nokia but I found service right out of my house with a cell phone I borrowed that had a antenna and all the people around were yelling “he found service!!” haha that’s how you know my letter is boring... I’m talking about cell service.  So now I am in 1 of the 2 areas in our mission without service.  Well it sounds like your week was good and also the talks you got to hear sounded good. I’m glad everything is great over there in the USA haha. 
PS - it snowed in Guatemala this last week! Well I love you all and have a great week!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 21, 2013

Well my new comp is Elder Smith and its his last change. He was a zone leader in zone polochic and my last comp Escorcia actually took his spot down there as zone leader. I kinda feel like they had no where to send Elder Smith so they sent him to Yalijux with me. He was already here a year ago so its super weird he got sent back here for one change. But its cool cause we both know the area and we both are about to finish the mission. So I will have SIX CHANGES in Yalijux that’s a long freaking time but its cool cause I’m in the best area of the whole mission so no problem there. 
Its been sooooooooo cold in all of Guatemala this last week and that means super cold in my area. I can see my breath in my house any hour of the day ha. 
This week basically nothing happened... just changes and Thursday I had to walk from Yalijux to almost Senahu because there was no camion and we had to get there for a meeting. 
This week we basically visited my converts and my comps converts he had so it was a fun week. Also my comp is not used to walking alot so I didn’t want to kill him or anything his first week so we took it easy. That’s seriously all I got for the week. My district is super cool right now, one of my friends Elder Munn is here and when he gets home (a year after me) I’m gunna go to his house and shoot his crazy guns especially his savage 110ba .338 lapua. Dad you can come to if you want its out in Washington he has a giant farm. Here’s the answer to some questions

Was the driver ok? Did he fall asleep or was he drunk? Nope it was a teen who didn’t know how to drive
Did any of your friends get transferred into your zone? Haha I’m so far away I only know very few missionaries in the mission right now. If anyone has less than 15 months in the mission I probably don’t know who they are.

 You said you were glad to be staying in Yalijux... is that still the case? Yes it is

Maybe you will finish out your mission there. I should because my comp goes home this change and I don’t think they will put two different people there... they wont even be able to find the place.

How is the teaching going? Any of your new investigators progressing towards baptism? Just L--n-rd- C--l he’s a teenager that we are teaching all is going great.

Also this week we found someone who wants us to help them get married. So we told them well baptism comes with that too. So we will see where that goes. Well that’s all... gotta go. 
Love you all and have a great week!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well this week was a fast one like always. It was a pretty different week some weird stuff happened.  First off, I do not have a change and my comp does. I thought I was going to have a change, but I don’t, I’m staying for my 5th change in Yalijux and I’m pretty excited I’m staying. 
Now to make my letter have some bulk I’m going to explain the many pictures I’m sending. 

At the market in Yalijux
Church in Yalijux
Me up on a small hill with the view of the church and my house to the right of it (not sure if you can really see my house). 

Then we have 7592 to 7596 and that was the first weird part of my week we were walking and all the sudden a car crashed into the little eatery it was pretty crazy. The good thing is that in Yalijux you can only buy food at the places that make food Wednesday and Saturday until about 1pm so there was nobody in there cause it was Wednesday afternoon, but it was super random.   

On with the pictures 

chillin on a rock in the middle of nowhere

7686 this is a lucky ride we got back to Yalijux Friday night after working in San Francisco so we didn’t have to sleep there this car bought cardamomo in San Francisco and was taking it to Tucuru. Cardamomo doesn’t grow everywhere and its a money maker for San Francisco. I’m not sure exactly what they use it for but I know other countries buy it and I think it goes in shampoo and gum I think its a mint type thing...who knows but yeah we rode back on top of all the cardamomo. 

Elder Asdel in Yalijux

Elder Asdel in Yalijux

Making a phone call after hiking to the only spot that has service

Next is just a few pictures in Yalijux and me making a phone call on the mountain where we go to get call service 
Elder Asdel and Elder Asencio

And then a picture with Elder Asencio who goes home in a few days. That was basically my week and we also have a good investigator. named L--n-rd- he has a date in February and is progressing well! Also I need batteries. I need about 6 of them and I’m not sure if it is 3v cr1 or cr2 I just know its the bigger one, the flashlight you sent me uses those so if you send about six I’ll be set until I go home. Love you all and have a good week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hello! This week was good, went by really fast. I left my camera in the house in Senahu so no pics today sorry!  But lets see what did I do this week... Tuesday we went up to San Francisco from Senahu and worked there it was a good day. We were able to put a baptismal date with a kid that went to EFY a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I’m not sure if he really has a desire to go to church but we will wee what happens, his name is L--n-rd- C--l C--l.
From there we slept in San Francisco and the next day we walked to Yalijuxxxxxxxx. This week we didn’t really have much. We got some new references and have been contacting them and also lots of less actives. We also did a ton a walking, so I’m pretty sick of walking... haha but o-welllll.
Z-ly and N-rm- are doing good we haven’t met with N-rm- for about a week, but she’s coming to church every week and doing good. Z-ly, we visited with two days ago and she’s also doing good and coming to church. 
The change ends at the end of this week and I’m thinking I’m going to have a change. I have been in Yalijux for almost 6 months and that’s about normal time of being in an area.  I really want a change cause I only have 2 changes left. So if I leave Yalijux after my next change I'll only be in my new area for a change and being in an area for only one change is not fun.  But who knows what will happen.  Its been raining for the past 4ish days and we get wet all day but its fine cause all my patagonia gear is coming into good use.
I’m sure you all know, but yesterday I hit 21 months! And that’s crazy the next time Dad comes home I will be too! 
Super cross sounds fun. One of my friends Elder Durren loves supercross, so I’ll make sure to tell him and make him jealous.
That’s cool Michelle got her mission call to Santiago one of my friends Elder Salazar (was in pictures last week) is from there.
Well that’s about all I have for the week. I’m sure my week was more boring than you say yours was haha. Well love you all and have a good week!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 31, 2012

Christmas Party in Yalijux
Well this week was good. The Christmas activity went great. There was soccer, caldo, singing, and everything, it turned out awesome. 
This week I was on divisions all week with Elder Asencio. It was really fun (he goes home in two weeks). 
The newlyweds are doing great. This week I was really happy because before we started teaching the two girlfriends both the guys weren’t to active, but this Sunday one blessed the sacrament and other passed and also one of them gave a talk... so now everybody is nice and active! 
Right now we don’t really have much going on. We are in the search for new people to teach. One member that really likes me has been giving us a ton of references, so we will get some news from that. The only bad thing is he leaves for Peten this week for 75 days. 
Today was a pretty good pday. We went to Semuc Champay. It was really cool being there but it sucked not swimming and seeing people on vacation swimming... good thing I’m going to Puerto Rico soon heheehehe. All n all Semuc was cool, it will be cooler when we come back and visit. 
I got to light some fire works off at the Christmas activity and the people loved the big ones. Here for new years they don’t really do much for new years, maybe a couple fireworks here in Senahu. Last year in Peten I thought there would be alot but just a couple.
Have a good week. Love you all!!!!!
Elder Asdel plays Santa
Playing Santa for the children of Yalijux

Little girls with dolls from Santa
Sweet little girl
P-day at Semuc Champay

Elders at Semuc Champay
Elder Asdel enjoying P-day

Elder Asdel looking out over Tzalamila

December 24, 2012

Here is my Christmas Eve email. I’m not going to write much because obviously I’m calling home tomorrow. This coming up week I will be doing divisions with Elder Acencio he goes home this change so it should be fun with him, today is the main day to celebrate in Central America so I let my comp open his gift, we had a lil zone get together and he opened it in front of everyone so it was fun. He was very excited and I have it all on video. He also says thank you. That’s about all, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow! Love you all

Elder Asdel and Elder Escorsia

Elder Escorsia made the "Nice list"

Senahu Zone Christmas party
Setting up for branch Christmas party

Elder Asdel celebrating at branch Christmas party