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Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 21, 2013

Well my new comp is Elder Smith and its his last change. He was a zone leader in zone polochic and my last comp Escorcia actually took his spot down there as zone leader. I kinda feel like they had no where to send Elder Smith so they sent him to Yalijux with me. He was already here a year ago so its super weird he got sent back here for one change. But its cool cause we both know the area and we both are about to finish the mission. So I will have SIX CHANGES in Yalijux that’s a long freaking time but its cool cause I’m in the best area of the whole mission so no problem there. 
Its been sooooooooo cold in all of Guatemala this last week and that means super cold in my area. I can see my breath in my house any hour of the day ha. 
This week basically nothing happened... just changes and Thursday I had to walk from Yalijux to almost Senahu because there was no camion and we had to get there for a meeting. 
This week we basically visited my converts and my comps converts he had so it was a fun week. Also my comp is not used to walking alot so I didn’t want to kill him or anything his first week so we took it easy. That’s seriously all I got for the week. My district is super cool right now, one of my friends Elder Munn is here and when he gets home (a year after me) I’m gunna go to his house and shoot his crazy guns especially his savage 110ba .338 lapua. Dad you can come to if you want its out in Washington he has a giant farm. Here’s the answer to some questions

Was the driver ok? Did he fall asleep or was he drunk? Nope it was a teen who didn’t know how to drive
Did any of your friends get transferred into your zone? Haha I’m so far away I only know very few missionaries in the mission right now. If anyone has less than 15 months in the mission I probably don’t know who they are.

 You said you were glad to be staying in Yalijux... is that still the case? Yes it is

Maybe you will finish out your mission there. I should because my comp goes home this change and I don’t think they will put two different people there... they wont even be able to find the place.

How is the teaching going? Any of your new investigators progressing towards baptism? Just L--n-rd- C--l he’s a teenager that we are teaching all is going great.

Also this week we found someone who wants us to help them get married. So we told them well baptism comes with that too. So we will see where that goes. Well that’s all... gotta go. 
Love you all and have a great week!

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