Guatemala Flag

Guatemala Flag


The process for writing to Jake is very simple. There is a website that will print and send your letter to Jake. Using this website will be the quickest way for your letter to reach him. It’s free and easy to use.
Go to the home page of
In the drop-down menu, select Guatemala Guatemala City North mission and click, “Write Letter”.
Fill in the required information and write your letter. When you are finished, click send.
If you sign up for a account, you can access and print your letters after you have sent them. Just make sure you log in before you write each letter.

For packages and regular mail use this address:

Elder Jake Asdel
Mision Guatemala Ciudad Norte
Apartado Numero 951A
Guatemala, Guatemala CA

This is a post box. We pick up and deliver to your missionary. 
Allow at least 4 weeks for delivery