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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hello! Changes were on Tuesday and I have a new comp, his name is Elder Saenz (signs) from Nicaragua. My last comp Bravo had a change to a close area here in Peten. The day of changes was a lil crazy. Everybody who was getting a new comp or a change went to the zl’s house, then the zl said where your going. Well my new comp was coming from the Capital and I had to wait the whole day out until the bus got there at 12am. 
Since I didn’t have a comp I went with Jennings, the zl, and the other zl went with Miller. I stayed in Jennings area and Miller and the other zl went to Miller’s area. The day with Jennings was really fun we had good lessons and put two baptismal dates. We also cut down and hauled a giant tree. We ate burger king for lunch and I got Simpson’s toys haha. We had to go to the bus station 3 times to pick up and send off elders. Also from 9pm till 12am we waited at the bus station for the new elders from the Capital. Then that night we stayed the night at the zl’s house with all the new elders to Peten. Also two other North Americans came up and they both have less time in the mission than me. It's weird to see people with less time then me. One of them is new new... like he just left the CCM and this is his first change in the field. When he got off the bus he looked so lost and confused ha ha poor guy had 9 hours in bus his first day in the field haha. 
Elder Saenz has 11 months in the mission and will have 12 this Thursday. I knew him from before, he was in my zone in the capital and had about 6 months when I came in. So I was excited to have a comp that was someone I knew from before. Also he told me that at changes when they said my name for his comp a few of his friends from my last zone were jealous cause they wanted to be with me haha. So I’m glad people want to be with me and I’m not some elder that people cross their fingers not to get…
So far everything has been a lil crazy here in the Libertad with my new comp. His second day of being here a member that was about 70 years old-ish hung him self from a tree in this land that his sons share. I met the man a few times but nothing much. So we’ve been slammed with services, dedications, and more services. Yesterday was the last service and I’m glad it’s all over! We’ve been singing so much at everything I’ve just about lost my voice and my throat is dry. Also we’ve been singing alot for choir practice because there was branch conference and the choir needed more guys so we got slammed sinnging all day 3 times a week for a month. But branch conference passed and now I don’t have any more singing for a while! 
Branch conference yesterday was nice. There were 3 guys from the district of San Benito that came to talk and after I went up to them to introduce myself.  They asked me how much time I have in the mission and I said 7 months and they didn’t believe me. They told me that I speak Spanish at the same skill as a missionary with about 18-20 months. Spanish compliments are a great thing to get, makes you feel more comfortable. 
Well I feel like all the craziness has died down so my comp and I can get back to regular work! We have a really good idea for getting members to give references and come out and teach with us. We will be starting this idea the first of December. 
My wrist is killing me because my stool is really high and this computer is low so I’m done typing haha. Well I’m going to read your email mom and then maybe reply to some of that… 
(reading email) haha bridal shower stuff sounds crazy...I still feel way to young for that type of stuff I cant believe Lindsey is getting married, haha she’s one of my first friends to get married...and she’s getting married to my other friend haha. 
As for the mosquito net, I actually got a free one today from an elder who didn’t want his and had a change (thanks Elder Mitchell).   
Thanksgiving wasn’t bad...I was like oh today is thanksgiving and we went to the members house that always feeds us and the food is either something really good and a bunch of choices and flavors or sometimes its beans and cheese with tortillas. Well I got thinking about all the thanksgiving food and got super hungry and then she brings out beans with tortillas... I had no desire to eat cause my mind was on turkey and candied yams.... but who cares! Haha. Here in Peten I eat lots of beans and eggs, it’s like one meal beans and eggs and the next meal will be chicken and soup and veggies and fruits. So I eat one meal good and the other meal beans... Well I’ve lost 6 pounds since I’ve been in Peten...when I started the mission I was 6 foot 160lbs. When I got to the field still 160, when I got to Peten 160, now I’m 154 and 6 foot. I don’t know from where I’m losing weight but I hope its nothing bad haha. Well that’s all I have for now. Love you all and have a great week!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baptismal pictures from Nov. 5th 2011

Our baptism picture of Maria F--n-d-z, the little girl she's 9 and her family are all members but she never got baptized. We aren't in baptism clothes cause her mom came super late and we had to take the picture after I did the baptism.

Almost all the people that came from the branch, well the ones that were patient enough to take a photo after.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

I sent alot of pictures I hope you got them all.  Today so far I’ve sat in the back of a truck for a few hours to get to Sayaxhe and use internet... after we are going to play soccer.   
Yesterday we had a satellite conference for all of Guatemala and it was super cool that Hermana Torres was directing the hymns. Also Elder Holland scripted some Spanish and memorized it and was like ok my Spanish is horrible I’m going to speak English and you can enjoy the perfect translation. Then when he was done he started bearing his testimony in Spanish and started using perfect grammar and went off and you could tell it wasn’t scripted. So you could tell his Spanish is actually good or he had the gift of tongues coming in really strong. Maybe if the whole mission was like him we wouldn’t have a bunch of gringos who cant speak Spanish and have 20 months in the mission (yes it happens) missionary moms out there I promise I’m not talking about your kid, maybe. haha.  The conference was also cool because alot of my friends in Peten were there too.   
We have one good family we are working with but they aren’t coming to church so who knows if they really are that great. We’ve been working in La Libertad only and I think we are going to start working our way out to some villages like I did in Palencia with Los Cubes. My area here is huge I have all the way to Mexico so I’m sure we can find something good! So maybe I’ll have some good stuff to talk about soon!   
The weather has been nice, for Peten.  It rains a lil bit and that burns off the heat and then the clouds chill for a lil and then you don’t have the sun trying to melt your skin off, haha. Oh so get this... when our house flooded our phone went with it, but our sim card still worked. Well our zls put our sim in a phone and it blocked it because the phone wasn’t activated. So we had to wait to get the code from the office to unblock it.  After 5 weeks we get the code, (who knows why it took so long) and the code doesn’t work. So I call the APs and say dude the code doesn’t work what’s up?... and he says oh let me give you another one and gives me some random code. Helllllllo! Don’t you know that each sim card has a special code and it only work for that one. You can’t give me the code from a different sim. So now that sim doesn’t work and they are sending us a new one... maybe I’ll have a phone again soon. Well that’s my joke story I have for you today. 
All is well here in La Libertad and we are doing good. I think I’m out of time because my district leader is giving me funny looks hahahahah so I’m gunna go now I love you all and thanks for all your support! Have a good week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 15, 2011 (Tuesday)

Well as you know p-day was yesterday, but things didn't line up to well for using Internet. So I'm using Internet today. What happened is the zls in San Benito had stuff for our district and the district leader is supposed to pick that stuff up. Well our district leader is lazy and didn't want to do it and told us to do it because our house phone is finally he made us go way out of the way to get the stuff he’s supposed to.  It wasn't that big of a deal until we got to our district leaders house in Sayaxche and he wasn't there and we waited there for hours...and we wasted a whole day. 
At least we still got to play we finally got a phone again...oh wait it doesn't work cause the zls accidentally blocked our sim card. Ha.   
Changes are coming up this Sunday...maybe I’ll get a new zl or 2. Elder H------- my district leader goes home next week so I'm getting a new district leader for sure.  Also my comp will probably have a change but you never know.   
This week was slow we only had a few lessons and no investigators came to church.  It’s been really hot and walking around all day hasn't been the most fun thing in the world, but I’ll live.  I don't think I was drinking enough water, actually I know I wasn't. But now I'm drinking 1 or 2 Gatorade's a day and aloooot of water. This letter is coming out really slow because I'm talking to all of you right now haha.  Lets see what else to talk about.   
All the members here just went to the temple and 2 couples got sealed. They were all really happy. This week is district conference so everybody will be going out to San Benito for church. I'm not sure but I think alot of my friends here in Peten will be there too. So it will be cool to see them. Ok this is probably the most boring letter ever so I’m going to end it. Also mom you don't have to worry about me not being momed…Hermana Watts emailed me asking me how my house is and if I have a new bed and also told me to wear mosquito repellent. That’s all for now… Love you all have a good week!! I’ll talk to you all on Monday and tell you about changes!

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 7, 2011

 Woooooooooooooooooooooo it’s a week of good news!
First good news was we had a baptism but it was kinda cheating cause she was only 9 but the way things worked out it counted as a baptism for the elders not the branch and I did the baptism which was super cool. I have pictures but I'll send them next week. So yeah all went well with that and she was super excited!
After that we went over to buy our beds. They gave us 800 to buy beds cause we said that was the cheapest and when we got there they were on sale for 500... I’m talking quetzals not dollars haha.  So finally my first night in a bed comes... a very much waited for night!
Well Presidential elections were the next day and out neighbor cooked all night for the party and we didn’t sleep Guate has a new Pres now... Otto Perez Molina, and the whole country went nuts when he won! But that night was good cause I got to sleep.
After that it's p-day and it was zone activity. We went to San Andres (other side of the lake) it was cool there but not as cool as Tikal or something.  All we did was play soccer and eat on the lake shore. Everyone was calling it a beach, but I was like sorry... this is a lake, not an ocean. 
Isla de Flores
Right now we are on the Isla de Flores, Island of Flores and its super touristy here its kinda like Hawaii.  If you ask me zone activity was just ok but whatever I’ll live… and it sounds like Tikal is next on the list. The fun thing today was just hanging out with Elder Way and Elder Payne.
So we are living in the house with beds, and I don’t think there is black mold... how could I check? But now that I actually get good sleep, I’ll be a lil more motivated to work harder :) haha
What you said about Janae... that’s exactly what Way and I talked about today... it is hard to be a missionary and get used to living like this. Elder Way was saying how he never wants to study cause he’s 26 and has been out of school forever and just can't get motivated to study...which I find hard too but I do it haha. The thing that gets me is the freedom, but its not that bad especially with this comp I’m having alot more fun.  So Janae isn’t the only one haha... Elder Way is crazy today, jokingly he was like man if I don’t want to be here anymore I’m so just going to live here in the jungle and leave all my stuff with my comp and run away. Which is funny cause he could totally do it cause he’s a super outdoors man and can make anything from nothing haha.
Right now for investigators we have a good family that live pretty far from La Libertad so it’s hard to get them to church but they are good still. The branch is going to the temple this week and it was really cool to see these people who don’t have money work extra hard to get to the temple for the first time, and there are a few getting sealed.  So I’m happy for all them working hard and then taking a 10 hour bus just to get to the temple!
I’m getting a lil worried about how hot it gets here... I’m always hot and stuff and the people here are saying its pure Christmas weather and its cold. They wear jackets and drink hot drinks all day... so if I’m here in March and April I might melt!
I love the showers they only are a pcp pipe sticking out of a wall and the coldest water shoots out but supposedly in the summer the water comes out hot so if its hot and the water is hot.... I might melt haha. Well that’s all I have this week.  Everybody who has a bed remember to enjoy your bed cause a month without a bed is pretty crappy!! But I have one now!! Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Elder Asdel lives in La Libertad
location of P-day activity
San Andres is at the most northern lake

 *All pictures in this post were found on the internet by Dana

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Ok ok today I’ll do my best to responding to all the questions. Um yes we get the Liahonas and you don’t need to send them. My guess for if I will be with the same comp for Christmas is no. He has 3 changes here and you normally leave after your never know, I could even have a change. But if I had to take a guess it would be I stay he leaves. My comp right now doesn’t really need anything he’s about to go home after Christmas and mostly everybody ditches all their clothes and leaves it with members who need it. If you want buy some beef jerky or snacks for my comp for Christmas all Latinos ask the North Americans for jerky so maybe some snacks and some random toy idk. As for what I want in a Christmas package would probably just be stocking stuffers and something new to play with with my hands. I love my magnetic balls I’m glad I brought them but I want something new too. Hmm I think I hit all the questions...probably not. But I’m going to continue with my letter...

Well good news the river went down about 5 feet so some house are reappearing from the water. This week was slow for work. We have a baptism of a 9 year old girl that counts as a baptism but its not quite what I’m looking for haha but I’ll be looking forward to Saturday....haha 
So Sunday... the primary teacher bailed early and we had to teach 2 hours to the primary kids...which is funny cause you didn’t teach this week.. But wow trying to teach and keep calm and not get annoyed in there is super hard.  I hope I never have that calling haha so sorry for your calling mom!....
So our zls are getting on my nerves...two weeks ago we were asked to search for new beds and tell the zls the prices and then they call the office and the office Elders put the money on our cards so we can buy them...well today we asked the office Elders what’s up if the money is on, and they told us our zls never called the office elders were like well what are the prices we will put it on right now. Something that takes 5 mins didn’t happen for 2 weeks because of our dumb zls and I don’t care if the zls moms read this cause your kid is blowing it. So I will have the money available Friday and be buying a new bed. I’m pretty used to sleeping on the floor but a bed will be nice. 
leaving Sayaxche
The picture I’m sending this week is from the drive home last week from Sayaxche. We don’t like paying for the bus cause its expensive so we just stick the thumb out and hope for luck. Well this picture was shot from the inside of a Lays chips semi haha. 
I’m being eaten alive up here by mosquitoes but don’t worry an Elder recently got dengue and had to be changed to the Capital for his health ha.  I talked to the kid who got dengue he’s from SD he’s a surfer kid and told me Andy Irons died from drug od so the dengue was a cover up. So don’t be so scared of the dengue, but its still dangerous. So the new rule is we all have to get mosquito nets, mosquito smoke and some other crap...which will be nice cause I’m sick of all the bites. Well idk what else to blab about see yaaa! Love you!!