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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 15, 2011 (Tuesday)

Well as you know p-day was yesterday, but things didn't line up to well for using Internet. So I'm using Internet today. What happened is the zls in San Benito had stuff for our district and the district leader is supposed to pick that stuff up. Well our district leader is lazy and didn't want to do it and told us to do it because our house phone is finally he made us go way out of the way to get the stuff he’s supposed to.  It wasn't that big of a deal until we got to our district leaders house in Sayaxche and he wasn't there and we waited there for hours...and we wasted a whole day. 
At least we still got to play we finally got a phone again...oh wait it doesn't work cause the zls accidentally blocked our sim card. Ha.   
Changes are coming up this Sunday...maybe I’ll get a new zl or 2. Elder H------- my district leader goes home next week so I'm getting a new district leader for sure.  Also my comp will probably have a change but you never know.   
This week was slow we only had a few lessons and no investigators came to church.  It’s been really hot and walking around all day hasn't been the most fun thing in the world, but I’ll live.  I don't think I was drinking enough water, actually I know I wasn't. But now I'm drinking 1 or 2 Gatorade's a day and aloooot of water. This letter is coming out really slow because I'm talking to all of you right now haha.  Lets see what else to talk about.   
All the members here just went to the temple and 2 couples got sealed. They were all really happy. This week is district conference so everybody will be going out to San Benito for church. I'm not sure but I think alot of my friends here in Peten will be there too. So it will be cool to see them. Ok this is probably the most boring letter ever so I’m going to end it. Also mom you don't have to worry about me not being momed…Hermana Watts emailed me asking me how my house is and if I have a new bed and also told me to wear mosquito repellent. That’s all for now… Love you all have a good week!! I’ll talk to you all on Monday and tell you about changes!

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  1. So happy you got a bed. Hope your phone is working now too. Love you and miss you. Still don't have consistent internet at the house. Grandpa had surgery last Thursday. He is doing well. May not be home for Thanksgiving. We will stay home and not go to Ted's.