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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 28, 2011

Hello! Changes were on Tuesday and I have a new comp, his name is Elder Saenz (signs) from Nicaragua. My last comp Bravo had a change to a close area here in Peten. The day of changes was a lil crazy. Everybody who was getting a new comp or a change went to the zl’s house, then the zl said where your going. Well my new comp was coming from the Capital and I had to wait the whole day out until the bus got there at 12am. 
Since I didn’t have a comp I went with Jennings, the zl, and the other zl went with Miller. I stayed in Jennings area and Miller and the other zl went to Miller’s area. The day with Jennings was really fun we had good lessons and put two baptismal dates. We also cut down and hauled a giant tree. We ate burger king for lunch and I got Simpson’s toys haha. We had to go to the bus station 3 times to pick up and send off elders. Also from 9pm till 12am we waited at the bus station for the new elders from the Capital. Then that night we stayed the night at the zl’s house with all the new elders to Peten. Also two other North Americans came up and they both have less time in the mission than me. It's weird to see people with less time then me. One of them is new new... like he just left the CCM and this is his first change in the field. When he got off the bus he looked so lost and confused ha ha poor guy had 9 hours in bus his first day in the field haha. 
Elder Saenz has 11 months in the mission and will have 12 this Thursday. I knew him from before, he was in my zone in the capital and had about 6 months when I came in. So I was excited to have a comp that was someone I knew from before. Also he told me that at changes when they said my name for his comp a few of his friends from my last zone were jealous cause they wanted to be with me haha. So I’m glad people want to be with me and I’m not some elder that people cross their fingers not to get…
So far everything has been a lil crazy here in the Libertad with my new comp. His second day of being here a member that was about 70 years old-ish hung him self from a tree in this land that his sons share. I met the man a few times but nothing much. So we’ve been slammed with services, dedications, and more services. Yesterday was the last service and I’m glad it’s all over! We’ve been singing so much at everything I’ve just about lost my voice and my throat is dry. Also we’ve been singing alot for choir practice because there was branch conference and the choir needed more guys so we got slammed sinnging all day 3 times a week for a month. But branch conference passed and now I don’t have any more singing for a while! 
Branch conference yesterday was nice. There were 3 guys from the district of San Benito that came to talk and after I went up to them to introduce myself.  They asked me how much time I have in the mission and I said 7 months and they didn’t believe me. They told me that I speak Spanish at the same skill as a missionary with about 18-20 months. Spanish compliments are a great thing to get, makes you feel more comfortable. 
Well I feel like all the craziness has died down so my comp and I can get back to regular work! We have a really good idea for getting members to give references and come out and teach with us. We will be starting this idea the first of December. 
My wrist is killing me because my stool is really high and this computer is low so I’m done typing haha. Well I’m going to read your email mom and then maybe reply to some of that… 
(reading email) haha bridal shower stuff sounds crazy...I still feel way to young for that type of stuff I cant believe Lindsey is getting married, haha she’s one of my first friends to get married...and she’s getting married to my other friend haha. 
As for the mosquito net, I actually got a free one today from an elder who didn’t want his and had a change (thanks Elder Mitchell).   
Thanksgiving wasn’t bad...I was like oh today is thanksgiving and we went to the members house that always feeds us and the food is either something really good and a bunch of choices and flavors or sometimes its beans and cheese with tortillas. Well I got thinking about all the thanksgiving food and got super hungry and then she brings out beans with tortillas... I had no desire to eat cause my mind was on turkey and candied yams.... but who cares! Haha. Here in Peten I eat lots of beans and eggs, it’s like one meal beans and eggs and the next meal will be chicken and soup and veggies and fruits. So I eat one meal good and the other meal beans... Well I’ve lost 6 pounds since I’ve been in Peten...when I started the mission I was 6 foot 160lbs. When I got to the field still 160, when I got to Peten 160, now I’m 154 and 6 foot. I don’t know from where I’m losing weight but I hope its nothing bad haha. Well that’s all I have for now. Love you all and have a great week!!!

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