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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

Ok ok today I’ll do my best to responding to all the questions. Um yes we get the Liahonas and you don’t need to send them. My guess for if I will be with the same comp for Christmas is no. He has 3 changes here and you normally leave after your never know, I could even have a change. But if I had to take a guess it would be I stay he leaves. My comp right now doesn’t really need anything he’s about to go home after Christmas and mostly everybody ditches all their clothes and leaves it with members who need it. If you want buy some beef jerky or snacks for my comp for Christmas all Latinos ask the North Americans for jerky so maybe some snacks and some random toy idk. As for what I want in a Christmas package would probably just be stocking stuffers and something new to play with with my hands. I love my magnetic balls I’m glad I brought them but I want something new too. Hmm I think I hit all the questions...probably not. But I’m going to continue with my letter...

Well good news the river went down about 5 feet so some house are reappearing from the water. This week was slow for work. We have a baptism of a 9 year old girl that counts as a baptism but its not quite what I’m looking for haha but I’ll be looking forward to Saturday....haha 
So Sunday... the primary teacher bailed early and we had to teach 2 hours to the primary kids...which is funny cause you didn’t teach this week.. But wow trying to teach and keep calm and not get annoyed in there is super hard.  I hope I never have that calling haha so sorry for your calling mom!....
So our zls are getting on my nerves...two weeks ago we were asked to search for new beds and tell the zls the prices and then they call the office and the office Elders put the money on our cards so we can buy them...well today we asked the office Elders what’s up if the money is on, and they told us our zls never called the office elders were like well what are the prices we will put it on right now. Something that takes 5 mins didn’t happen for 2 weeks because of our dumb zls and I don’t care if the zls moms read this cause your kid is blowing it. So I will have the money available Friday and be buying a new bed. I’m pretty used to sleeping on the floor but a bed will be nice. 
leaving Sayaxche
The picture I’m sending this week is from the drive home last week from Sayaxche. We don’t like paying for the bus cause its expensive so we just stick the thumb out and hope for luck. Well this picture was shot from the inside of a Lays chips semi haha. 
I’m being eaten alive up here by mosquitoes but don’t worry an Elder recently got dengue and had to be changed to the Capital for his health ha.  I talked to the kid who got dengue he’s from SD he’s a surfer kid and told me Andy Irons died from drug od so the dengue was a cover up. So don’t be so scared of the dengue, but its still dangerous. So the new rule is we all have to get mosquito nets, mosquito smoke and some other crap...which will be nice cause I’m sick of all the bites. Well idk what else to blab about see yaaa! Love you!!

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