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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 24, 2011

 Welllll... we are still living in the church and looking for a new house ha!
The floodwaters have risen about a foot. We are getting money for brand new beds this week.  I like sleeping on the floor so it doesn’t really bother me.  La Libertad is super cool I love it here, and the members are awesome too.  My comp is great we get along super good.  Everybody here is complaining about the cold but its been hot. So I’m scared for when the real heat comes haha.
The floods in La Libertad are gone but the river by Sayaxche is way way way too high still and isn’t going down for a long time, but its cool.  My pictures today are from Sayaxche
 I don’t really know what to write about right now.

Sayaxche River
La Libertad is very flat, dirt roads.  I think we are going to move back into our house tomorrow. Its dry and we cleaned it. There are no houses available to rent right now so I guess we will have to wait until we can find one. Today for p-day we are going to play soccer with local kids and its super fun.  I feel like next week's email will be better because this week we’ve been doing the same ol stuff with the flood and everything, but soon it’ll be back to normal. I’m going to end this email short and try to send more pictures! Love you all, talk to you soon!
Elder Asdel in Sayaxche
Flooded public bathrooms
Sayaxche River

Flooded banks of Sayaxche River

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