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Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello hello! Its Monday again, as you know last week our activity got switched once again to go to Tikal Futura, a mall in the capital. Well we didn’t go once again hahaha it was a normal p-day. Apparently we are going next Monday but who knows haha. 
This week was my first birthday in the mission and it was super fun. The day before I got two packages one from you and one from Alyssa. So in the morning I opened up my packages and ate/played with my new stuff. Thank you for the food, junk food, toys, clothes, and the iPod :) the iPod is great, I finally have some music to listen to and I can use that stuff for studying too. And all the pictures are super cool too. You and Alyssa both sent me cake mix, and I haven’t had the time to go up to the church and use the oven to cook them. Hopefully this week I can, I'll take pictures. The day of my birthday we hung out with the D--z family. They are an awesome family and super cool. You could stick them in the states and they would fit in ha. 
Marvin (the dad) has been inactive for about a year because of something that happened with other members. But we've been developing a good friendship with him and he went to church yesterday and everyone in the branch was happy to see him there. In priesthood we were talking about missionary work and we were talking about all the less actives and he was giving all the advice and everything. It was kinda like he hadn't missed a day of church and still was in the loop. After we had made a list of all the menos activos he said don’t forget my son Kevin, he's less active and I want him back here too. So hopefully we can get Kevin to start coming again and then that will be the whole family. 
This week for the work was crapy. The biggest success was Marvin in church. All our investigators were busy, except Victor R-d-s he's amazing. We went to his house on Saturday and he said I just got home and I need to rest but I'm going to church tomorrow and we can have a lesson here on Monday. He's been in church 3 weeks in a row now and likes it alot.  He's now eligible for baptism but he wants to wait till his wife is ready and that's going to be the hard part. But when Victor is baptized he's going to be a strong member. He already understands everything better than half the members ha ha. He's a smart guy. 
As for the rest of my birthday I didn't buy a cake because I don’t like the cakes they sell here in Palencia and they are expensive so I bought some yummy bread. The other missionaries came over to the D--z’s and everybody sang happy birthday for me. After that we ate the bread and had some 7up. So don't worry I had alot of fun on my birthday :) 
Birthday Celebration at D--z home

Thank you mom and Alyssa for the packages. The packages were really funny. Mom yours was filled with things I've always liked or things I've liked since I was little, you could tell you've known me for 20 years.  Then Alyssa's was more things I liked recently or had just started to like and I could tell she got to know me really well for 1 year of dating.  I really enjoyed the differences in the boxes. So thank you for knowing me how you know me :)
haha also u guys both put in chap-stick, a cake with candles, and glowsticks haha. The glowsticks were the same brand and everything that was pretty funny. 
Once again thanks for making my bday a good one:) 
and thanks for forwarding me all my happy birthday wishes :) 
love you all talk to you again soon!

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