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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 10, 2011

Tengo cambio! or in English I have a change! I'm leaving Palencia on Wednesday and I'll be in my new area that night... unless I go super far I won't get there till Thursday. Well yeah, I'm excited to leave here if you couldn't tell. Also it will be nice to be out of my first area and start my second and I'll finally feel like I have some experience!
So far I've just packed and went to Hermana Caty's for lunch today to celebrate my birthday and the birthday of Hermana Gatica. She turned 24 yesterday. 
I'm getting another bag to pack into cause I have more stuff than came with. And Hermana Gatica is selling me her old one for about 6 dollars ish. She wants to give it to me free, but I can't take it for free haha. 
This week we had interviews with president and all went good, but fast. We didn't really talk much, he just asked me how my Spanish is doing and I told him I'm very comfortable with my Spanish. The work in my area is sllloooow. That is one reason I'm excited to leave. As of right now I don't really have anything to write about work wise. But next week I'm sure I'll have new people.   
Supposedly the roads are blocked to leave from both ways right now so getting to changes might be hard. But we will figure it out. Alot of kids from my group have changes and I might be comps with one of them which would be super cool. Tonight I'm going to hang out with the Diaz family and tomorrow I probably will also... haha. They are my favorite family here if you couldn't tell. 
This week flew by fast I keep wanting to write about last week but I already wrote about that and can't think of anything to say about this week haha. Well I'm going to end this email like this... sorry I don't have much to say this week but next week I should! Alright bye! Love you all!! Wish me luck for a good new area!!

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