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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 16, 2012

--> Bueno well this week was good! I don’t really feel like writing much because I will be calling you all in 1 week. Today I’m going to send a bunch of pictures and during my call I will explain them to you haha... if you cant tell I’m being super lazy right now. 
This week was all wedding and baptism. I went up and down from Senahu and Yalijux like 6 times this week. But the triple wedding and 2 baptisms happened and everyone was happy. I’m glad I could be a part of such important events. It is really enjoyable. Something that the area presidency has asked us is that we don’t baptize our converts. They have asked us to find a member to do it so they have a friend in the church, which kinda sucks but it makes alot of sense cause one day we leave but the member stays there. So we searched for members to baptize our converts this week. It was good also because we taught them how to do it and everything so now they know! 
I’m sure you would like to know about the Christmas call. Well I’m pretty screwed cause my area is in the mountains so I won't be able to call Christmas night but I can call Christmas morning. I’m just going to call you from our cell phone and you can call me back. 
Today was a pretty fun p-day. We went to some caves in Seamay, close to here in Senahu. We had to bring rope and go down some crazy cliffs into rivers and whatnot, its alot crazier than the ones I went to in Peten. It was alot of fun to actually do something for p-day haha! My brain is fried right now, maybe it was all the lack of oxygen in the cave or the sun afterwards... who knows but dead right now. So I’m going to end this letter and send it off. Love you all and have a good week. Haha I just realized I’m going to email you Monday and talk to you Tuesday... that’s gunna be pointless hahha oh-well. Love you all have a good week.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 11, 2012

Christmas party in Chulac
Well yesterday was zone conference so that is why I’m not using internet until now. Zone conference was ok, it was the Christmas conference so we hung out with little kids and gave them presents (which included your toothbrushes) and then the kids left and we ate lunch and watched Finding Nemo. 
After that it was like regular zone conference and Pres Watts talked. It didn’t really feel like p-day at all but whatever. It was out in a place called Chulac, which I have never been to, and there are mandrins everywhere there. It was also cool cause I got to see Navajo, Hansen, Paulsen, and Durren. Also I got to meet some of the new kids that came in. 
This week I was with Trejo all week till Friday and we just were getting all the stuff/people ready for the wedding/baptism coming up this Friday. Which I am super excited about it will be a good day. 
Also that same day, my kid Elder Somers hits a year in the mission! Woooo. 
Not really much else is going on. I got all of your packages but the one with the stuff for Elder Escorcia. I’m confused what is for me and what is for him. 
This Monday they opened another area that had been closed in my district called Chijolom. So now my district has two more elders in it. One of them dies this change and the other was Elder Somers´ last comp. I was thinking that it might be my next area cause I will be completing six months this change in Yalijux and I think I’m leaving after this change... so maybe Chijolom will be my next and hopefully last area haha. 
Right now my investigators are doing good. We have some news that could progress but we will see what happens. 
This week I’m doing divisions with the zone leaders cause they need to do the baptismal interviews for Z-ly and N-rm- and then I’ll be back down in Senahu on Friday for the wedding and we will do the baptism here in Senahu too. 
Well I’m out of stuff to say. I only brought my memory card from yesterday so I’ll send you some pictures from yesterday love you all have a good week.

duck duck duck at the Christmas party
Elder Asdel and children at Christmas party

Elder Asdel and Elder Durren getting gift bags ready
helping themselves to some snacks
Elder Asdel and the other California missionary Elder Willardson
Elder Salazar (from Chile) and Elder Asdel

Elder Asdel and Navajo
Elder Asdel and Hansen

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey! First off I got the Christmas cards, and my other packages are at the zone leaders house in Teleman so I should get them soon. Which ones are for Christmas and which ones are for before Christmas? 
Haha sounds crazy with all of Morgan’s moving stuff. We will see where they are when I get home ha. 
About the PCH to TO isn’t there a canyon that goes from the PCH to Newbury Park? 
Wet and drizzly sounds about the same as Yalijux right now, I like it. 
Also speaking of Stake conference, we had district conference yesterday, a 70 was here so it was ok but I was so far back in a crappy meeting hall I didn’t hear anything. 
There are no changes in my district, but there is some really good news about changes... Elder Somers (my kid) is training! So I will be a grandpa!! Woo!! Alot of people here are jealous that I’m going to be a grandpa and they don’t even have a kid hehehehe. 
Also the fridge is for me, yay! And the pictures I can't resend cause I don’t have my camera with me. I’m not in Senahu I’m in La Tinta. This week should be good cause  Elder Trejo is coming to my area again. Today for p-day we played on a synthetic soccer field it was fun. Everyone calls me messi cause I work everyone haha. Here in the Tinta I saw huge fireworks so I might have to buy some hehehe. 
This week was another normal week work wise. I’m excited cause we have 3 baptisms coming up soon and they all are basically for sure! S-l-, N-rm-, and P-bl- are their names and their date is the 14th. This week teaching them we just went over the baptismal interview questions. My week was pretty short because I had to get to Senahu for district conference by Sunday so we only worked Tuesday-Friday. That’s really all I have for the week. Love you all have a great week! See you all in 18 weeks hehehe

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 26, 2012

Here is my email for this week, I’m gunna change it up a lil and explain my pictures a little bit more and not explain what I did every day. Well these first 3 pictures (6170, 6173,6178) are out in Tzalamila. 
We thought we should hurry and get a ride cause we saw a truck and figured it would be better than walking, which it was, but the tire popped so we had a little delay but not to much.

Tzalamila town center

 After we got there and I took a picture in the center and one in front of some cool mountains. 

After that we walked from Tzalamila to Sepalau and we taught out investigator, S-nt--go, he knows Spanish really well so it’s a little easier to teach him. He is really receptive and positive but he still hasn’t come to church. 

The next picture (6182) is just a lil pit stop on the road where they sell warm milk with rice in it and its yummy so we made a lil stop. 

My next picture is a breakfast I made that was yummy and I was planning on making it a few more times this but we ran out of gas so we were screwed. Today for p-day our main mission was refilling the gas tank and it will be another mission getting it back to Xyaal Li Hux. What is in this picture is eggs, beans, and fried platinos... idk what they are in English...maybe plantine? Ha who knows. 

The next two (6210 and 6205) are just how I dress in the day cause it’s so cold and also my sock that I walked a giant whole into. 

(6223) is my attempt of finishing my food I was making while the gas ran out... it worked. 

The next picture is me chilling on a moto above Yalijux (6236).   

haha ok now for the fun part (6269-6266) these were last night. 

I just now figured out yesterday was Thanksgiving so I guess this was my Thanksgiving feast ha. 

We were sleeping in the church last night and that was what I brought to eat ha. It was actually pretty good! 

Next (6341-6339) is my adventure down today in the morning at around 5 am... nice and cold out.

Our cattle trucks brakes went out so we had to find a new ride, luckily a truck came and I held on to the back for a few hours cause there was no room, but we made it. 

Lastly foosball, which was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Today was probably the lamest p-day but the foosball made up for it haha. 
Other than those pictures the things I haven’t wrote about is the triple wedding and a new baptismal date we have. First off the triple wedding is still going good. Today we took all the paper work for them to the places they need to be to get all the stuff ready so we are still on track. Our new date is an older man from San Pransiic. He came to church a few times and wants to get baptized (luck on our part haha). So we have been teaching him and his date is for the 14th along with the wedding.
Last Tuesday was a lil interesting, I didn’t want to sleep in a hammock in the church in San Pransiic so I arranged the church chairs and made a bed... I slept pretty good!

Tortilla in Kekchi is wa. If you can make wa with your hands its a big deal. So everybody is always like hey can you make tortillas? and I always say duhhh and they trip when I can do it. Hahaha

 So that’s all from me in caserio xya'al li hux arriba de san francisco, senahĂș, alta verapaz, guatemala, centro america. hehe bye love you all have a great week!