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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 16, 2012

--> Bueno well this week was good! I don’t really feel like writing much because I will be calling you all in 1 week. Today I’m going to send a bunch of pictures and during my call I will explain them to you haha... if you cant tell I’m being super lazy right now. 
This week was all wedding and baptism. I went up and down from Senahu and Yalijux like 6 times this week. But the triple wedding and 2 baptisms happened and everyone was happy. I’m glad I could be a part of such important events. It is really enjoyable. Something that the area presidency has asked us is that we don’t baptize our converts. They have asked us to find a member to do it so they have a friend in the church, which kinda sucks but it makes alot of sense cause one day we leave but the member stays there. So we searched for members to baptize our converts this week. It was good also because we taught them how to do it and everything so now they know! 
I’m sure you would like to know about the Christmas call. Well I’m pretty screwed cause my area is in the mountains so I won't be able to call Christmas night but I can call Christmas morning. I’m just going to call you from our cell phone and you can call me back. 
Today was a pretty fun p-day. We went to some caves in Seamay, close to here in Senahu. We had to bring rope and go down some crazy cliffs into rivers and whatnot, its alot crazier than the ones I went to in Peten. It was alot of fun to actually do something for p-day haha! My brain is fried right now, maybe it was all the lack of oxygen in the cave or the sun afterwards... who knows but dead right now. So I’m going to end this letter and send it off. Love you all and have a good week. Haha I just realized I’m going to email you Monday and talk to you Tuesday... that’s gunna be pointless hahha oh-well. Love you all have a good week.

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