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Guatemala Flag

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hellllo... whats up?  This week was good, we have a couple baptisms coming up. We have F-rn-nd- getting baptized this week and we just put a new date with Ang-l-. The only thing she is missing is a few lessons. And she's about to get married to a member and she is super excited. We had a really good lesson with her after church and that's when we put the date. So the next 2 Saturdays we have baptisms. Today at mega paca I got an in n out shirt, crystal castles shirt, bdg urban outfitters and like 10 other shirts. It was a good mega paca day and I only spent like 7 dollars. (ps my chase card doesn’t work) Lets see oohhh... Today I got my measurements taken to get my suit made. Its going to be be super cool. It'll be a brown one with a lil bit of a shine to it.  I paid for half of it today and the other half when its done!
Also my comp is the only member in his family. He has been a member for about 3 years.
Well this letter is short but at least its hyphy with the emojis lolzzz.
(original letter had several animated emojicons/smiley faces)
Elder Asdel likes being in the City
But basically we are working with F-rn-nd- and Ang-l- and looking for some news. This area is great for work and also the food is awesome hehehe. I really like these slushys they make in the street. They are kinda gross sounding and looking but itssss soooo good! I get like 3 a day haha. This area is collllld and raining all the time, I love it. Well...  maybe I can find some pics to send.  love you all.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 14, 2012

Well for those who didn’t get to talk to me on the phone yesterday, I’m no longer in Peten. I am in Atlantida. It’s way different here but I like it! Ha the bus from Peten to here was 10 hours and it's freezing cold here haha... Peten was just tooooooo hot. 
My new comp is Elder Argueta he is from El Salvador and today he has 5 months in the mission. This new area seems good and hope that we can get alot of references from members which is the best way to work. 
Also this is my first time being in a ward. I have only been in branches so far, so it will be weird to see the difference. 
I feel like I have nothing to say really haha so I’m gunna send some pictures you have never seen.
Elder Asdel at Lake Peten Itza 

Elder Asdel - San Jose Peten 

Elder Asdel exploring some caves in Peten Guatemala

Elder Asdel on a cave exploration

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012

Yes!!! Tell Omar that’s a sweet mission my MTC teacher served that mission and said it was a great mission. It even has Salinas in it! My teacher was never in Salinas but he had met Roger and remembered him as a big friendly straightforward guy ha. Tell Omar he will love that mission! 
Well changes are this week and guess what. I’m leaving Peten. I’m soooooo excited to leave!!! Only one downfall cause nothing is ever perfect, I have a baptism this coming Saturday, well had... but now it’s in the hands of Elder Somers and his new comp. So yeah Osc-r is getting baptized Saturday and his dad is supppper excited. His parents go baptized about a year ago but there son Osc-r never wanted to listen to the missionaries and left to go to San Benito every weekend. Well my comp and I worked our butts off with him and now he has been going to church every Sunday and is super excited for his baptism. So tonight I’m going tell them I’m leaving and take some pictures with them. I don’t really care that much because I know I did the hard part and this Saturday is just the party haha.  Osc-r's dad will be baptizing him. 
Oh one more thing about Omar, when he gives his talk Sunday record it on some type of audio recorder and send it to me please. I’d love to hear Omar’s talk. 
Don’t worry about the short email because I’m not going to be here long. Changes are a pain in the butt. I already packed and I am going to be on a bus at 9 tomorrow night and get in the Capital right before change conference... just a big waiting game, haha. My comp is bummed about changes cause he’s scared of his new comp being lame, but he will live. I really did want to stay a 3rd change with him but whatever. It's been super hot and I hate it. I’m so excited to leave Peten... I sweat 24/7. Wake up sweating go to sleep sweating, and a shower doesn’t even help. The water used to come out cold cold but now its hooooot. Well no more of that! I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done in San Jose Peten. They say leave the area better than when you came and it was horrrrrible when we came. All the members and missionaries know it as the hardest area in Peten. Basically no members live there and the church is really far. Well we have had success and there are baptisms coming up. 
I’m going cut this email at this. I’ll buy something on my paypal card when I get to my new area and see if you can figure out where I am haha! Also I will call you on your cell phone in a few days and tell you how to call me for Mothers Day. If you have a change your allowed to call and tell a few days before. 
Elder Asdel enjoying Burger King
Oh yeah basically half of Peten is leaving Peten. I’m going to attach a picture of me eating Burger King breakfast on the Island of Flores this morning because you know I love fast food breakfast. Byeeee love you all have a good week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

This week was good, Osc-r came to church and now he just needs one more time and he is ready to get baptized. I’m super hyped on this baptism! Even I have a change it won’t matter cause it will be a few days after I left and his dad will be baptizing him so the only thing is I wouldn’t be there, but hopefully no change and I’m there! 
Next is H-g-... everything is good with Hugo. He wasn’t at church which was weird but I’ll find the excuse tomorrow. Next is Y-rk-, she is a wife of a less active we found and we already have a fecha with her. All that she needs to do is come to church 3 times. But they are both excited about this and should be easy. So we are having success in an area known to be very hard, but its only hard if you let it be. That’s what’s going on in San Jose. 
Now for p-day. Today I planned a Tikal trip with Hopkin's district. Hopkins is in my old area and lives like 3 houses down from M-tt Pr-ce in Tempe haha. Well today was his 21st b-day and our districts went to Tikal. It was fun cause we are all training and our comps had never been. Also the photos from today came out alot better and the main temple doesn’t have scaffolding up the sides, so I took some new pics. Today I was messing around alot at Tikal and I’m drained and tired. 
Birthday Pinata 

After we went to the church and got fried chicken and fries and I also got a grape drink to add to the southness of my meal. At the church we celebrated Hopkins b-day and I helped finish off the piƱata (pic attached) A good day... tired and ready to sleep. Well ok this week I’m gunna try to get that box shipped. I took out money to do it but I ended up using the money for some stuff I needed so I will be taking out more money. Love you have a good weeek.

lunch for Gecko