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Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

This week was good, Osc-r came to church and now he just needs one more time and he is ready to get baptized. I’m super hyped on this baptism! Even I have a change it won’t matter cause it will be a few days after I left and his dad will be baptizing him so the only thing is I wouldn’t be there, but hopefully no change and I’m there! 
Next is H-g-... everything is good with Hugo. He wasn’t at church which was weird but I’ll find the excuse tomorrow. Next is Y-rk-, she is a wife of a less active we found and we already have a fecha with her. All that she needs to do is come to church 3 times. But they are both excited about this and should be easy. So we are having success in an area known to be very hard, but its only hard if you let it be. That’s what’s going on in San Jose. 
Now for p-day. Today I planned a Tikal trip with Hopkin's district. Hopkins is in my old area and lives like 3 houses down from M-tt Pr-ce in Tempe haha. Well today was his 21st b-day and our districts went to Tikal. It was fun cause we are all training and our comps had never been. Also the photos from today came out alot better and the main temple doesn’t have scaffolding up the sides, so I took some new pics. Today I was messing around alot at Tikal and I’m drained and tired. 
Birthday Pinata 

After we went to the church and got fried chicken and fries and I also got a grape drink to add to the southness of my meal. At the church we celebrated Hopkins b-day and I helped finish off the piñata (pic attached) A good day... tired and ready to sleep. Well ok this week I’m gunna try to get that box shipped. I took out money to do it but I ended up using the money for some stuff I needed so I will be taking out more money. Love you have a good weeek.

lunch for Gecko

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