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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hellllo... whats up?  This week was good, we have a couple baptisms coming up. We have F-rn-nd- getting baptized this week and we just put a new date with Ang-l-. The only thing she is missing is a few lessons. And she's about to get married to a member and she is super excited. We had a really good lesson with her after church and that's when we put the date. So the next 2 Saturdays we have baptisms. Today at mega paca I got an in n out shirt, crystal castles shirt, bdg urban outfitters and like 10 other shirts. It was a good mega paca day and I only spent like 7 dollars. (ps my chase card doesn’t work) Lets see oohhh... Today I got my measurements taken to get my suit made. Its going to be be super cool. It'll be a brown one with a lil bit of a shine to it.  I paid for half of it today and the other half when its done!
Also my comp is the only member in his family. He has been a member for about 3 years.
Well this letter is short but at least its hyphy with the emojis lolzzz.
(original letter had several animated emojicons/smiley faces)
Elder Asdel likes being in the City
But basically we are working with F-rn-nd- and Ang-l- and looking for some news. This area is great for work and also the food is awesome hehehe. I really like these slushys they make in the street. They are kinda gross sounding and looking but itssss soooo good! I get like 3 a day haha. This area is collllld and raining all the time, I love it. Well...  maybe I can find some pics to send.  love you all.

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