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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 28, 2012

Well this week was good. I got to do some fun service at an investigators house at the area of some other missionaries in my district. What we did was level out a room that had dirt floors, which was really hard cause the dirt was basically concrete haha. Also we took out a really nasty toilet. We had some fun. 

After that we needed to go pick up the clothes for F-rn-nd- for his baptism. So we took a bus to the zone leaders house. After that we came back to the church to go fill up the font and it was filled with mud because when it rains the fonts fill with nasty water. So we spent like an hour cleaning the font and getting it ready.

After that we went home for a lil bit and then went and invited all the youth from the ward to the baptism. Good thing we did that because all the married members went to some activity. So it was good to have all the youth there supporting him and afterwards everybody played soccer. It was a good baptism.

Sunday we had a lesson with Ang-l- and her baptismal date won't be till July because she is the girlfriend of a member and they aren’t planning on getting married until July. And if she gets baptized her mom will kick her out of her house. So if I’m sill here in July she will be an easy baptism. 
Today for p-day has been great... first we went to McDonalds breakfast, which was awesome. After that we decided to go to Wal-Mart and found dr pepper and mt dew on sale, so I will be sending some up to Elder Somers in Peten with a couple ties I found for him in megapaca. After Wal-Mart we wanted to go to megapaca but we decided to walk a different way and guess what we found in some corner of nowhere..............
a giant OFFICE DEPOT. It was great! I found so much great stuff, I will probably be going back and getting some more stuff hahaha. My comp and I were super excited haha. 
After that we went and met up with the zone to play soccer but nobody brought a ball so they played ultimate frisbee. I didn’t play. Now I’m here using internet. I hate using internet here it's the place I used when I was in Palencia and its in a old run down mall and its crappy haha. Well that’s about all I got. Love you all have a good week

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