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Monday, June 18, 2012

June 11, 2012

Heeeeey wassssup? This week was good. We have a baptism coming up Saturday, which I am excited about. His nickname is Ch-to but his real name is J-s- but Ch-to is 20 just a lil younger than me. He has been coming to church with us for the last 5 weeks and I asked him if he’s ready to get baptized and he said yes. And I said ok we have 2 options, fast or slow. And he picked fast so I put the date for the 16th of this month which is this coming Saturday. Also his sister has been coming to church with us and we have been trying to talk to her about baptism. But she is finishing school right now and is never home. But she will be another baptism when we get a chance to talk to her. 
Next is Ang-l-.  I learned a little more about her and it’s a pretty cool story. Ok so there is a foundation here to learn English after the mission for returned missionaries so they can get better jobs. Well there was this member from a different part of Guate and he never served a mission but wanted to go to the foundation and called and asked if her could go even though he was never a missionary and they said well we normally say no, but for some reason we are going to let you come study. Well the house he got assigned to stay in is in my area. So he has to go to church here in Atlantida. And after not to long he met Ang-l- and invited her to come to church with him... and now we are here planning there wedding. So obviously the lord set that one up for him to find his wife. So the wedding and baptism will be the 30th of this month. It should be a good day. 
Ok so Wednesday was temple day, which was cool because Elder Gunnell and I were talking, and we hit 14 months that day and the next day was exactly one year of being out of the CCM.  
After the temple I went home and while I was home Pres. Watts came over and I thought I was in trouble but it was just to tell me about Grandpa Asdel, which was nice of him to come to the house. At least I knew it was coming... it would have been really weird if I didn’t know it was coming. 
Well here I am in week 6 of this change. So this coming Sunday I will find out about changes. Who knows what will happen always a new surprise haha. So we will cross that bridge when it comes and I'll tell you what’s going on next Monday. 
Tomorrow there is a meeting for all of the missionaries of Guatemala in the Capital, which will be cool to look for my friends in other missions. Too bad Austin won't be there... I guess that was my last chance to see him but he’s not going hahaha sucks for him haha. 
Well that’s about it. My new suit is awesome, I love it. I’ll send pictures next week if I remember hehe okkkkkk that’s all love you all have a good week!

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