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Guatemala Flag

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hello! IDK where this week went, it feels like I was writing you yesterday ha.
 Lets think back and see what I’ve done… 
Tuesday we made gringa for Cynthia and her dad. Their whole family are strong members in El Salvador, but Cynthia isn’t a member and she is pregerz and her whole family gave her crap for being pregnant so she doesn’t want to listen to missionaries. But her dad had the idea we all just eat lunch and not talk any gospel just talk and eat. So we made egg salad sandwiches and all went well.
Wednesday… I have no idea what happened, I forget.
Thursday we had a district meeting and we got two new Elders in our district, one Gringo, one Lat.
Friday we made French toast for breakfast. Saturday we had a good lesson with the Ajpop girls and Zunny. Everybody was laughing and having fun. Zunny was supposed to come to church but her mom said no last minute because she thinks she’s got a boy at church or something. So now we have to talk to her mom, which will be hard to find her because she works. The Ajpop girls are almost considered active again. Only one week more and we’ve reactivated them.

Haha to end this letter I’ll explain the dog photo. OK so there are these 2 dogs on this roof. They always bark at you from up there. Well I was sick of him so I ran at him. Well he ran away and couldn’t stop and almost fell off the roof. He was stuck and couldn’t get up and crying. I didn’t want to help him back up because I was afraid he was going to bite me. But I did and he’s safe back on his roof! Haha Bye Love you all.

This is what we did today for p-day on the top of the world above the clouds!  This place is super dangerous to get to cliffs and what not, it was banned for 2 years. Well we got it unbanned and we're the first to go! enjoy! love you!
Pico de Palencia
Palencia District Elders

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011

Woo! It's the first day of my 2nd change! This week flew by I honestly don’t remember what happened and what I can talk about. Ha there was one day it rained so hard…Sideways…Umbrella did nothing at all. We got under a tree and got as low down as we could under our umbrellas and it just kept getting harder so we ran to where we needed to go which was home to go change ha!
I also had my first division, I went with Elder Garcia we had a lot of fun. We are working with a girl named Zunny and I’m sure She’ll get baptized. Also we had investigators in church yesterday, which was good.
Oooh, last week we went to pacas which is like thrift stores and I got a sweet Zion shirt and a chipotle shirt.
Hmm what else…
We had dinner at the Gatica’s house last night and the mom tried to give us cow feet and Estella saved us and said, they can’t its bad for gringo stomach Ha… Good save.
We also macheted down more trees for hermana Kati.
Today when I see the ZL’s I’m going to ask them to get me the K’ekchi’ grammar books because I want to study K’ekchi’ cause I’m going to tell Pres. Watts I’m interested in going to Polochic. Here’s some help with pronunciation (Keh-Chi) (Polo-cheek).
So hopefully I go to the Chic after Palencia.
Once again I don’t have cool new photos. But hopefully we go to Pico de Palencia next week! Well I’m out of things to blab about. See ya! Love you all!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey I’m trying really hard to send my email but internet sucks, we didn’t get to the waterfall today.

Hello Family! This week has been good, the best news is we put a fecha con familia Ortiz. So hopefully all follows through, ha!
OK story of the week!
So it was late and we were walking home and we wave down a jalow (ride) and they stop and they say the truck bed is a lil dirty but you can get in. So we hop in and see a big lump of something but its dark and we can’t see. Well eventually we pass under a light and it's 5 chopped up cows, all the parts just chopped up and thrown in and the heads were just looking at us. So that was our bloody cow massacre jalow (ride). 
Hmm… what else  Ooh, a few weeks ago we knocked this lady’s door and she wasn’t interested but we saw her Saturday and she had a dream about us and wants to listen to us now :)
Oh I got the package you sent! Thanks!
Not much else happened, just been working either in hot sun or pouring rain. This is the last week of my first change! Woo! This week I ate McDonald's twice and once at Taco Bell…Yum!
Oh yeah the service we did! So we did service for Hermana Kati. I love her house, the inside feels like a grandparents who lives in the States. But the service was to cut down a giant lime tree… the 4 of us with machetes. Well the young women were there but didn’t do crap. So this lime tree was huge and all the branches were grown in through the fence and stuff, huge pain but really fun. The tree was filled with thorns so we are all cut up Ha! But after Hermana Kati made us 4 a really good lunch and in her house you feel like you are in the States :)
Well I’m writing this Sunday night. Tomorrow we are planning on going to a waterfall. Hopefully all works! Goodbye for now, Love you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 4th, 2011

 Hello! Happy America Day... blow something up for me since I’m not there haha.
This week was good… not much happened.  It went by fast so it’s hard to think of what happened.
We put two Fechas (baptismal date) one with Hilberto Guzman and one with Thelma Guzman. The dates aren’t till the end of August. They are a tuff family so we’ll see what happens. 
Next we met our new President. Him and his wife are very nice and happy to be here. I did meet Hermana Watts in the MTC and she was very very very very excited to see me again and she turns to her husband and says “Oh! Its Elder Asdel, he’s the one whose Dad is Edward Dale also!” 
So she remembered me from that I guess. She also wanted to give me a hug at the MTC but she kept going “Oh no I can’t, oh well I have candy for you.” 
She also made us cinnamon rolls that were really good! Next I had a quick interview. It was a quick get to know you. The next day nothing really. The next day we went to El Fiscal to help the Elders get contacts and get to an area they have never been to. 
Sunday we no investigators in church…Hopefully next week.
Today for P-day we played ping-pong and are going to eat McDonald's or Taco Bell, I haven’t decided yet. Also tonight for dinner tonight I will eat hot dogs, chips and soda in the American Spirit Ha!
Sorry I feel like today’s letter was short. 
Umm tell Grandma Asdel and Sandra Black I will be writing them soon.
Oh, and what you said about the road to Palencia…I go down that about 2 or 3 times a week in the bed of a truck. And it’s not brown anymore, its pure green. Also today I’m sending you photos from the walk to El Fiscal over a giant train bridge. It’s about 150 feet up and very easy to fall off or through. It’s really cool though.  
Hmm can’t think of anything else so bye till next week! 
The day Pres Torres left so did his rules...
so we got coke, one of his rules was no coke... but Pres Watts brought the rule back  but that's ok cause we "aprovechar"ed it.  Aprovechar is to take advantage of.  Anyways that's all for now bye love you all!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 28, 2011

Hello! This week was good! Today we are down by the CCM because we went to the temple, and after the temple Wendy’s and Wal-Mart! This week it has rained everyday and we get soaked, but whatever.

So one day we were knocking doors soaked and bored and finally one guy was interested and invited us back Saturday. When we went back him and his wife were super interested and it sounds like we will have them in church next week! They are a young family with 2 kids and one isn’t named yet and they like the name Asdel so maybe soon there will be a baby with our last name!

Next is Hilberto and his wife…we’ve been working with them for a while now and his wife is super stubborn. But we brought the Gatica girls over and she opened up to them. And guess who we saw at church this Sunday… Hilberto! My first investigator in church!

It’s been a little over a week since the Gatica Dad died and things are going well over there. David’s baptism was Saturday and my comp baptized him.

Yesterday we had service; we helped a member put underground pipes from his house to his crops. It was hard, we used picks to dig up basically rock Ha!

Hmm…Idk what else happened this week…

Time passes by really quick.

Idk (I don't know) if I told you but there is a member in our branch that grew up in Oxnard and Augora Hills.

Our new Pres comes in soon… I met his wife in Provo… She’s one extremely happy lady haha.

I make all my own food. My diet has been cereal… PBJs… buttered pasta… sometimes eggs.

My first change is half way over as of today. Hmm... what else?

That’s all I can think of for now. I love you all. Talk to you next week.