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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hello! IDK where this week went, it feels like I was writing you yesterday ha.
 Lets think back and see what I’ve done… 
Tuesday we made gringa for Cynthia and her dad. Their whole family are strong members in El Salvador, but Cynthia isn’t a member and she is pregerz and her whole family gave her crap for being pregnant so she doesn’t want to listen to missionaries. But her dad had the idea we all just eat lunch and not talk any gospel just talk and eat. So we made egg salad sandwiches and all went well.
Wednesday… I have no idea what happened, I forget.
Thursday we had a district meeting and we got two new Elders in our district, one Gringo, one Lat.
Friday we made French toast for breakfast. Saturday we had a good lesson with the Ajpop girls and Zunny. Everybody was laughing and having fun. Zunny was supposed to come to church but her mom said no last minute because she thinks she’s got a boy at church or something. So now we have to talk to her mom, which will be hard to find her because she works. The Ajpop girls are almost considered active again. Only one week more and we’ve reactivated them.

Haha to end this letter I’ll explain the dog photo. OK so there are these 2 dogs on this roof. They always bark at you from up there. Well I was sick of him so I ran at him. Well he ran away and couldn’t stop and almost fell off the roof. He was stuck and couldn’t get up and crying. I didn’t want to help him back up because I was afraid he was going to bite me. But I did and he’s safe back on his roof! Haha Bye Love you all.

This is what we did today for p-day on the top of the world above the clouds!  This place is super dangerous to get to cliffs and what not, it was banned for 2 years. Well we got it unbanned and we're the first to go! enjoy! love you!
Pico de Palencia
Palencia District Elders

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  1. Sounds like a great week. Got some bracelets from Guatemala so have a reminder of you always. Keep up the good work. So proud of you. Glad you got to go to the top of the worlf. Love grandms