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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011

Woo! It's the first day of my 2nd change! This week flew by I honestly don’t remember what happened and what I can talk about. Ha there was one day it rained so hard…Sideways…Umbrella did nothing at all. We got under a tree and got as low down as we could under our umbrellas and it just kept getting harder so we ran to where we needed to go which was home to go change ha!
I also had my first division, I went with Elder Garcia we had a lot of fun. We are working with a girl named Zunny and I’m sure She’ll get baptized. Also we had investigators in church yesterday, which was good.
Oooh, last week we went to pacas which is like thrift stores and I got a sweet Zion shirt and a chipotle shirt.
Hmm what else…
We had dinner at the Gatica’s house last night and the mom tried to give us cow feet and Estella saved us and said, they can’t its bad for gringo stomach Ha… Good save.
We also macheted down more trees for hermana Kati.
Today when I see the ZL’s I’m going to ask them to get me the K’ekchi’ grammar books because I want to study K’ekchi’ cause I’m going to tell Pres. Watts I’m interested in going to Polochic. Here’s some help with pronunciation (Keh-Chi) (Polo-cheek).
So hopefully I go to the Chic after Palencia.
Once again I don’t have cool new photos. But hopefully we go to Pico de Palencia next week! Well I’m out of things to blab about. See ya! Love you all!

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  1. Eaten pigs feet but not cow's. Never liked them.