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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 4th, 2011

 Hello! Happy America Day... blow something up for me since I’m not there haha.
This week was good… not much happened.  It went by fast so it’s hard to think of what happened.
We put two Fechas (baptismal date) one with Hilberto Guzman and one with Thelma Guzman. The dates aren’t till the end of August. They are a tuff family so we’ll see what happens. 
Next we met our new President. Him and his wife are very nice and happy to be here. I did meet Hermana Watts in the MTC and she was very very very very excited to see me again and she turns to her husband and says “Oh! Its Elder Asdel, he’s the one whose Dad is Edward Dale also!” 
So she remembered me from that I guess. She also wanted to give me a hug at the MTC but she kept going “Oh no I can’t, oh well I have candy for you.” 
She also made us cinnamon rolls that were really good! Next I had a quick interview. It was a quick get to know you. The next day nothing really. The next day we went to El Fiscal to help the Elders get contacts and get to an area they have never been to. 
Sunday we no investigators in church…Hopefully next week.
Today for P-day we played ping-pong and are going to eat McDonald's or Taco Bell, I haven’t decided yet. Also tonight for dinner tonight I will eat hot dogs, chips and soda in the American Spirit Ha!
Sorry I feel like today’s letter was short. 
Umm tell Grandma Asdel and Sandra Black I will be writing them soon.
Oh, and what you said about the road to Palencia…I go down that about 2 or 3 times a week in the bed of a truck. And it’s not brown anymore, its pure green. Also today I’m sending you photos from the walk to El Fiscal over a giant train bridge. It’s about 150 feet up and very easy to fall off or through. It’s really cool though.  
Hmm can’t think of anything else so bye till next week! 
The day Pres Torres left so did his rules...
so we got coke, one of his rules was no coke... but Pres Watts brought the rule back  but that's ok cause we "aprovechar"ed it.  Aprovechar is to take advantage of.  Anyways that's all for now bye love you all!

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