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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey I’m trying really hard to send my email but internet sucks, we didn’t get to the waterfall today.

Hello Family! This week has been good, the best news is we put a fecha con familia Ortiz. So hopefully all follows through, ha!
OK story of the week!
So it was late and we were walking home and we wave down a jalow (ride) and they stop and they say the truck bed is a lil dirty but you can get in. So we hop in and see a big lump of something but its dark and we can’t see. Well eventually we pass under a light and it's 5 chopped up cows, all the parts just chopped up and thrown in and the heads were just looking at us. So that was our bloody cow massacre jalow (ride). 
Hmm… what else  Ooh, a few weeks ago we knocked this lady’s door and she wasn’t interested but we saw her Saturday and she had a dream about us and wants to listen to us now :)
Oh I got the package you sent! Thanks!
Not much else happened, just been working either in hot sun or pouring rain. This is the last week of my first change! Woo! This week I ate McDonald's twice and once at Taco Bell…Yum!
Oh yeah the service we did! So we did service for Hermana Kati. I love her house, the inside feels like a grandparents who lives in the States. But the service was to cut down a giant lime tree… the 4 of us with machetes. Well the young women were there but didn’t do crap. So this lime tree was huge and all the branches were grown in through the fence and stuff, huge pain but really fun. The tree was filled with thorns so we are all cut up Ha! But after Hermana Kati made us 4 a really good lunch and in her house you feel like you are in the States :)
Well I’m writing this Sunday night. Tomorrow we are planning on going to a waterfall. Hopefully all works! Goodbye for now, Love you all!

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