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Friday, August 24, 2012

August 20, 2012


This week was good. We hiked up a river 3 hours and received a new reference of a family of 6 which is awesome. They are excited and want to learn. They are the Ch-c family from San Antonio. Our next lesson is Thursday with them.

The kekchi choir donated clothes to give to people, so this week we went to alot of members’ houses and hooked them up with some clothes. I think I might do that with the pants I don’t use too often so some people can have dress pants to wear to church. We got some cool photos of some happy people getting free clothes haha. 
This week I probably had the spiciest crushed peppers on tortilla I’ve ever had, the branch president even said its the hottest chilli that they have. It was crazy hot haha.

haha so one night we had lesson with the Ch-c family in San Antonio and it was late and we walked back in the pitch black and rain. We had two ok flashlights, so I think its time I ask for a new one. The one dad sent me with was super cool until it got ruined in the flood in Peten. So I would like another one like that... it had green, white, uv light and a laser pointer. I’m pretty sure its from Sport Chalet so that would be nice in a package. I still have my headlamp and it works really well.

I have no pictures this week because I left my camera in the house. But I got some super awesome pictures they just wont be sent till later. That’s about all that’s going on here at the moment so I will end this now. Love you all and have a good week!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 13, 2012

Elder Martinez and Elder Asdel Yalijux Guatemala
 Wellll... this week flew by, partly because I’m in a new area and partly cause it’s super fun out here. Learning a new language is tough but I’m happy I get to. This week we have walked all over and I have gotten to know my area pretty well. I can’t really tell you much about my investigators yet but I’ll get to now them better soon. 
Right now church is in a little wood shack next to the branch president’s house because they are building a new church. Church is pretty crazy though, its 3 hours in the same room, no breaks or anything. But it will be a little more normal once the church is done. It will be cool to be out here when the new church is being dedicated. 
The food here is crazy spicy... normal dinner is tortilla with ground up chili all over it and you just eat that till your full. And they give you this boiling hot water with ground up corn at the bottom... it's pretty flavorless but at least its a drink haha. The end is just like corn mush and that’s always hard to swallow haha. But if anyone gives you food its super spicy ha. 
It rains alot and we walk around in rubber boots so the mud doesn’t get in to our feet and so we can cross rivers haha. 
I’m grad I’m out here I always wanted to come and I’m lucky that I’m here now. Internet this week is sucky and I don’t think I’ll get any pics out but I got some cool new ones. 
Well lets see what else… I got your package with socks and stuff I’m very happy. I will be taking that up to Yalijux tomorrow with me so I can use that. Also tell Shawn I said thanks for the yoyo. For my birthday I want camera stuff for my g12, I was thinking a fish-eye lens.

Well that’s all I got for now I love you all have a good week.

Friday, August 10, 2012

August 6, 2012

Elder Asdel and his bus to the Chik
 Well you thought I was in Coban... but my new area is Yalijux pronounced Tialeehoosh, in zone polochik!!! yeahhhh!!!! My new area is the farthest and most of it is in the middle of the mountains. I didn’t even get to my area until Friday haha. They speak absolutely no Spanish so I have to learn fast. My new comp is from Arizona and he is 100 percent Navajo Indian, he’s dope. He lives in a place in Arizona called Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona. He has about 9 months in the mission. 
So this is how it went down more or less, but I’m going to be quick because I want to send pictures. So I go to change conference and I find out I’m going to the chik (Polochik). After the change conference I get on a 4 hour bus to Coban, spend the night in Coban where Elder Gunnel is, so that was fun. The next day I get on a bus to Senahu which goes through the mountains for about 5 hours. Then I got to my house in Senahu, which is not my area but I have a house there, then I stayed the night. The next day I hitched a ride with the kek´chi choir to Yalijux with a weeks worth of clothes and I stay out there until Sunday and after church on Sunday we walk 5 hours back to Senahu for p-day on Monday which is now. 
In Yalijux there is no electricity and we are seriously in the middle of nowhere. I love it. The road from Senahu is super crazy and only certain trucks can make it out there. We got lucky and got a ride with the choir and followed them around while they sang. Changes have been crazyyyyy and perfect. Well I’ve found waterfalls, caves and walked a whole ton. Everybody in the mission says Yalijux is the best area in the mission and I agree! Time to get some pictures sent out love you all have a good week!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30, 2012

On To The Next One  (subject line)

Well if you couldn’t tell by my subject I have another change. I said on to the next one cause that jay z song popped to my head haha. Now I will change the subject and answer the questions you asked haha then I'll get back to changes...

How are you feeling about where you are living and the area you are working in?
I like Atlantida but the last 2 weeks I was in llano largo and I didn’t really like Llano Largo.

Are the members feeding you? Are the members helpful with finding people to teach?
Yes, members feed us every once and a while but nothing big normally some rice, beans, and tortillas… something simple

How big is the Primary in your ward?
In this ward the primary is about 10ish kids maybe...idk

What about soccer... are those cleats working out well?
soccer and the cleats are going good almost every week we play

Did you finish painting F-rn-nd- and D-lc-'s rooms?
Yeah we have finished the house

How is Ch-t- doing?
Good, he’s like a pro breakdancer and goes to contests and misses church every once and a while but he’s doing good.

How is Ang-- and her husband doing?
They are doing good, they just moved into their house together

Did you see some old friends in Palencia?
I saw one person in Palencia we just went to district meeting and left.

Ok back on track!.... so yeah I have a change.... it’s very bittersweet. I don’t want to leave here but at the same time I do, but whatever I’m on to go get to know somewhere else. It’s really annoying cause I was in Llano Largo for 2 weeks so I haven’t even been here (I’m back in Atlantida as of today) and now everybody is going to be like ohhh your back!! and I’m gunna be like nooo I’m here to say lame but whatever...

So this week for teaching, I wasn’t in my area teaching my people so yeah… but it was a normal week nothing to special. Well there was one odd thing that happened that I can tell you haha. So we were teaching a lesson and the guy had his hand wrapped up like he had cut it really bad or something. Well a little later he tells us what happened... and this is more or less what he said happened...  he was walking home and a gangster asked him for his money and he said no I don’t have any. And then the gangster grabbed his hand and bit his finger off. So right now the guy is looking for a new finger to sew on and he said if there are any killings close by he might go try to get a finger off the dead guy… haha  so yeah that was pretty weird.

Well lets see what else...Elder Somers, my kid, has his first change and he’s leaving Peten. so I will see him at change conference which will be cool. Elder Rowan, my first comp, is going home. Elder Payne and Hopkins, my friends from when I was in Peten, are starting their last change. Today started my 11th change; there are 16 changes in the field in total. 
Well you all are asking me if I have a change so I will end this so you can read it and then maybe talk a lil before I go. Have a good week love you all!

Oh and the pictures… one is me with dark knight pizza since you talked about dark knight. And the others are in central park in Guatemala, and one with Elder Pierce in central park with bird feed!

Enjoying some pizza
Central Park Guatemala

Elder Pierce and Elder Asdel with some bird feed
Elder Asdel flying