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Guatemala Flag

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 13, 2012

Elder Martinez and Elder Asdel Yalijux Guatemala
 Wellll... this week flew by, partly because I’m in a new area and partly cause it’s super fun out here. Learning a new language is tough but I’m happy I get to. This week we have walked all over and I have gotten to know my area pretty well. I can’t really tell you much about my investigators yet but I’ll get to now them better soon. 
Right now church is in a little wood shack next to the branch president’s house because they are building a new church. Church is pretty crazy though, its 3 hours in the same room, no breaks or anything. But it will be a little more normal once the church is done. It will be cool to be out here when the new church is being dedicated. 
The food here is crazy spicy... normal dinner is tortilla with ground up chili all over it and you just eat that till your full. And they give you this boiling hot water with ground up corn at the bottom... it's pretty flavorless but at least its a drink haha. The end is just like corn mush and that’s always hard to swallow haha. But if anyone gives you food its super spicy ha. 
It rains alot and we walk around in rubber boots so the mud doesn’t get in to our feet and so we can cross rivers haha. 
I’m grad I’m out here I always wanted to come and I’m lucky that I’m here now. Internet this week is sucky and I don’t think I’ll get any pics out but I got some cool new ones. 
Well lets see what else… I got your package with socks and stuff I’m very happy. I will be taking that up to Yalijux tomorrow with me so I can use that. Also tell Shawn I said thanks for the yoyo. For my birthday I want camera stuff for my g12, I was thinking a fish-eye lens.

Well that’s all I got for now I love you all have a good week.

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