Guatemala Flag

Guatemala Flag

La Libertad

Elder Asdel and Elder Way on the bus to Peten

First night in new area and the house floods
Flooded Kitchen

Mattresses are floating

Elder Asdel in his flooded house

La Libertad floods

La Libertad under water

La Libertad

Flooded building in La Libertad

driving to Sayaxche
Flood waters still high a week later
Sayaxche, Peten
Elder Asdel makes it to Sayaxche to use internet on p-day
The river is swollen over its banks up to the store fronts a week later
Public Restroom flooded
Hitching a ride back to La Libertad in the back of a Frito Lay truck
Elder Asdel and members in La Libertad

Elder Asdel and Elder Saenz with the La Libertad branch members
Going to zone activity at Isla de Flores, Peten
Elder Way at Isla de Flores

Elder Asdel at Isla de Flores

catch of the day

Isla de Flores 11/2011

lake Peten Itza

Lake Peten Itza

lake Peten Itza
 Elder Asdel sleeps in hammock  a month after the flood 

in La Libertad 11/11
flood waters gone

Same blue building that was flooded in earlier pic
 crossing the river to Isla de Flores

waiting to cross into the Isla de Flores

At the ferry dock

on the ferry

Isla de Flores from the ferry
Serving in La Libertad 12/11

Primary children in La Libertad 12/11
Elder Asdel enjoying dinner at a members restaurant 12/11
Merry Christmas Elder Asdel

Fun with Fireworks at Christmas 12/11