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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 8, 2013

No time to rest... haha

So yeah my mission is basically over and if I wanted to slack off and do nothing this week I seriously couldn’t even if I wanted to. First off I still need to teach my comp the other branch we cover and where everybody lives. And we also have a ton of people to teach and put baptismal dates with. 
Ok so here (actually only in the mountains) the normal is that when you want a wife you kinda just pick one and ask her to come to your house with you and she never goes back to her house. The old way was you bought her a bunch of nice stuff and whatnot and a cow for her parents, but the teens these days decided screw that I’m just gunna sneak her out. So this week, 1 member girl (14) was taken, and two member boys (18 and 19) grabbed their girls. And yes they go on their own free will so it is something they want. The girl was grabbed by a non member and the two guys grabbed non members. So now they are all living with their soon to be wives and husbands but they aren’t married yet. That’s where we come in... they probably wont get married for like 5 or 6 years unless we plan it... but... we don’t plan weddings unless some one is getting baptized out of the two. So we have the perfect opportunity to plan 3 weddings and 3 baptisms. So this week that will be my main focus. 

Other than that we have another investigator that has been sick, and we have helped her out a ton. And she wants to come to church really bad when she isn’t sick. She can't leave her bed but I think this week she should recover by Sunday. I jokingly said just take your bed to general conference and ride down the mountain to Senahu with it and she said ok I’ll take my blanket too! She obviously wasn’t able to make it to general conference but we did have a ton of members there (105 from Yalijux). 
This week was crazy with all the wedding stuff and also nobody knew that general conference was this Sunday. So I asked the Branch Pres for a list of all the families and he gave me a list of 30. My comp and I went and told everybody including a family that lives about 2 hours walking from Yalijux and everybody except one family I told came! It was super awesome seeing all of them at conference. So yeah that was basically my week. We were busy all week and this week looks to be just as busy! Haha this week I have no time to send pictures but I’ll get you some next week, maybe...

Yes, I was able to teach some of the wedding people.

I also enjoyed the area 70 from Guatemala, Elder Enrique R Falabella. Yeah I have met him a few times from before he was a 70, he came and did zone conferences with us.

Love you all and have a great week

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