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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hey how’s it going? Right know everybody is sick with some cold. I didn’t really get it but I have no energy and sun is killing me and its soo hot in this internet place so I’m going to write  quickly and get out of here. 
But this week was good. I have been taking pictures with everybody before I leave so I can leave a picture with all the people here. Saturday we had a really good day we found a ton of new people to teach and they all don’t go to any church so that is like golden. I obviously won't be here for much of their progress but at least I can start teaching them before I leave. So yeah that was for sure the highlight of my week. uhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel like crappppppppppppp I’m gunna explain my pictures now.

Me with a family out in Yalijux. I’ve been taking pictures with everybody

Er-k- holding up kib. Its a plant that I had for the first time this week. It was really good.

  Up in the mountains of my area in a lil place called Se Campania.


  Drinking from the pure water that comes out of the mountain.


 With the members that live the farthest from the church (about 2 hours) the girl that is on the farthest left is the one who makes the bags.

  On the top of the top of the highest mountain, it was crazy up there.


The thick jungle required some chopping.


Dead money I found in the jungle (I’m pretty sure it fell from the tree)


  Dead monkey and my name tag


 I’ve been seeing snakes everywhere lately I think its cause the sun is out and they are warming up.

A bunch of my favorite kids doing my pose


Er-k- with my backpack.


Well that’s all I got I’m gunna end this up and get out of here soon cause I feeel like crapppppp

Love you all and have a great week

I forgot the questions mom asked so here they are

So is Easter celebrated in your area? Not really, in Guatemala the celebrate holy week and they just go to the lakes and swim and party kinda like 4th of July. In my area nothing happened.

How is this change going for you and Elder Mendez? Good!  All is good.

Are you getting any opportunities to teach? Yes we found a ton of news this week!

How are you feeling about things finishing up? Bittersweet but I am ready to come home.

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