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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Well my last work is done and now just gotta work my way back to the USA.
This week was great I was able to work hard, put baptism dates, plant corn, and who knows what else haha. I was very happy with the work I was able to do this week and the dates I was able to put for 4 baptisms and a wedding. So who ever goes there has some work to do! We almost had a baptism this Sunday but I didn’t want to rush it and I figured it would be better to do next week even though it would have been cool to have another baptism but that’s not really important.
So yeah, I left Yalijux after church and then got all my stuff packed up in Senahu. And at 3am I hopped on the bus by myself to Coban. It was a very long dusty horrible ride, but when I got here I took a taxi to Elder Somers house and then we went and got McDonalds breakfast!
After that we just walked around here Coban and now we are using internet. We are going to a big mall after this.
So yeah going home sucks and at the same time its great. Leaving Yalijux yesterday wasn’t too hard because I knew I would be coming back to visit soon.  I also know I worked hard this last change and did all I could do.
I’m very thankful for the time I have had as a missionary and all the people I was able to help and have fun with. I know this work is true and I also know that my Heavenly Father has helped me with a ton of things here in Guatemala. I’ve learned so many things I would have never learned if I were not here at this time and I’m happy with the choice I made to be here.
Elder Somers and I were talking today... and he and I baptized 2 kids who are preparing to go on their missions.  We are super excited to see the work that they will do.
I’m sure you guys want to know what is going on these next few days. Today I left at 3am from Senahu to Coban. Tomorrow I will just be here in Coban getting ready to go to the capital. I’m going to repack my bags and get them airport ready...50 pounds each.
Wednesday at about 2am I will head off to the capital with Somers and other people going to the cap. And when I get there, there will be change conference and after that my group will go to lunch and the temple with the Watts. Then we will spend the night in the capital and then taxi off to the airport Thursday morning. So yeah there it is. I’ll see you soon and I’ll be able to do alot more explaining of things in person than over email.
Well I gotta get out of here I’m out of time at internet! Love you all and I'll see you guys Thursday!!


bracelets for a couple of little girls in Yalijux

  Er-k- is there with the Santa Claus you sent me for the Christmas count down(she’s been asking for it for ever haha)

Leaving for the 2am bus ride to Coban

McDonalds Breakfast
Planting Corn
Working in the fields planting corn

A long day of planting
Mario the guy I gave my total pillow to

Hanging out with Elder Sommers haha

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  1. Wow, Elder Asdel, what a wonderful missionary you are! And what a bittersweet time, to be leaving people you love, headed home to people you love!