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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello Family! Once again this week has flown by! Monday we went and searched for a waterfall but the people who took us had no idea where they were taking us, so we basically hung out by a river. After that it was a normal P-day. Tuesday we went out to Los Cubes with Magda Diaz (member) and we just taught our regulars. They are progressing well but one said that she heard a voice say “ No estas preparada” (“you aren’t ready”) and now she doesn’t want to be baptized until that voice tells her she is ready… I was thinking we should just go over while she’s sleeping and whisper to her :) just kidding. We are going to teach her exactly what the requirements are for baptism and see what she thinks she faults. Wednesday was crap day, but I did eat a chicken foot (by choice) for the first time and it was good! So if you have the chance - do it! I know Dad ate a lot in his mission, did he like them? Thursday was just a normal day nothing stood out. Friday we went to Los Cubes and only a few of our invs were there but we still taught 2 lessons. Afterwards we went to the Gatica’s and made them Lacky omelettes :) Saturday there was a baptism of a guy named Ramon. He’s been an invs for almost a year and it’s been a long road for him and his family. His family got baptized a few weeks ago but Ramon had to wait on approval from Salt Lake. And he got it! So the baptism happened. He lives in the area of the other 2 missionaries here in Palencia. Other than that we really didn’t do anything Saturday. Sunday we didn’t have invs in church. After church we went out and worked a little, but not really. Other than that it was a good week. I was going to answer some of your questions but I forgot which ones. Also I’m sending you a package mom that has a birthday present for Morgan, two shirts that I bought here but I want when I get home and something for Dad. Also I have something for you in mind but I need to get the right color! That’s all, LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hello hello! Where are my weeks going? I can't even remember what happened it all is going by so fast, but I'll start with Monday.
Monday we went to mega paca (a huge thrift store) it was cool I got some new ties and a new sweater, alot like the hooded one Alyssa bought me if you remember that one.
Tuesday, ummmm I have no idea.
Wednesday we went out to Los cubes and everything went well. All our invs out there are progressing well and I'm sure I'll have my first baptisms soon. 
Thursday we worked with a menos activo. We watched a movie with him and all went good. Plus he and his family came to church for the first time in years. After that all our citas fell.  But in the night it started raining really really hard with lightning striking right over us...about ten mins later I look outside and our house was about to flood... that's what the picture of all the water is ha.
The next day... Friday we had a zone meeting. Rowan and I went an hour early so we could get McDonalds breakfast... Soooooo good!! The zone meeting was kinda boring it was about things we are already doing but that's ok cause like getting out of Palencia and going down to the Cap.  After that we went out to Los Cubes again and worked with our invs out there, all went well again. 
Saturday was a day of nothing ha. I feel like when we don’t go out to Los Cubes are days are crap. Sunday let's see... Sunday was fun, Pres Watts and Hermana Watts came to do a interview with one of Garcia and Huel's invs and while he did the interview we went to primary with Hermana Watts and it was really fun she was loving it. The primary was practicing their play for Wizard of Oz and it was really funny. After that, they left and we continued with the rest of church. After church... alllll of our citas fell and we did basically nothing. Well that's my week! On to the next one! Love you all!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8, 2011

Another week gone... Wow. 
Monday for P-day (last week) we played soccer as a zone and after went to Wal-Mart and I ate Taco bell and McDonalds. Tuesday we went out to Los Cubes and had 2 good lessons and a few new investigators. Wednesday was real mellow, we had district meeting, lunch as a district then out to work. We got a lot out of a menos activo and he promised us he’s coming to church not this week but the next. Thursday I had my first zone conference. It was fun. President Watts and his wife and the 2 APs gave talks and taught. We also had lunch there. After lunch we went out and taught a member girl who’s 8 about baptism. Then after that we went up to the Diaz house for the birthday celebration of Elder Hueles, he turned 24 (older than I’ll be when I’m done haha) we ate cake and had some fun. Thursday we went out to Los Cubes again everything went well. It sounds like 3 are for sure going to church. Saturday went by fast, we only had one lesson but it was a good lesson. Tomorrow is Sunday I’ll tell you how it goes…
OK Sunday was good we had 2 investigators in church and they liked it a lot. We went to Los Cubes after church and had 2 good lessons and 7 new investigators. So we will have some new people to work with this week.  Not much to write about this week. 
This week flew by real fast. But right now we have some solid investigators. So I might be seeing my first baptisms in a few weeks! Also I got my package. Thank you for the junk food! And your article mom, you’re so funny. And I think Grandma Asdel sent the Gatorade powder. So if she did tell her thanks! This week for P-day we want to go to Mega Paca, which is like a giant thrift store. You know how I am with thrift stores…so I will be using my paypal card! Well that’s all! Love you all, have a good week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 1, 2011

Let me tell you about my week…
First Monday, the pictures from way up high that I sent, those are from a mountain called Pico de Palencia. It’s been banned for the last 2ish years because an Elder tried to run down and got hurt. Well we got it un-banned and went. We hiked up forever through the clouds and when we got to the top you couldn’t see anything. But it cleared up and you could see the whole city.
Next was Tuesday, my comp was sick and I was bored out of my mind all day. Next was Wednesday, not much just a normal day.
Then the next day we had interviews with Pres and Hermana Watts. With Hermana Watts we just talked and I told her some stuff my house is lacking such as microwave, blender, fan, and bookshelf. So apparently I’ll be getting those soon. With Pres we talked about how my family is doing and some advice for my investigators. Oh also Hermana Watts gave us cinnamon rolls, YUMM.
Next day was Friday, Friday we went to an area about 30 mins. out of Palencia called Los Cubes. On the way there we crossed a cool river and that’s what the photo of me by the river is. Out in Los Cubes we had success and got some new investigators. So looks like we will be going out there more often. Saturday was a normal day, Elder Rowan hit one year this week so la familia Gatica wanted to have us over to feed us (they feed us about twice a week). But they fed us fried chicken, rice, salad, and…mashed potatoes! They were so good! And after we all were throwing handfuls of rice at each other…I don’t know why. 
Sunday was good just a regular Sunday and no investigators in church… maybe next week! 
Well, see you for now. Love you!