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Friday, August 19, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hello hello! Where are my weeks going? I can't even remember what happened it all is going by so fast, but I'll start with Monday.
Monday we went to mega paca (a huge thrift store) it was cool I got some new ties and a new sweater, alot like the hooded one Alyssa bought me if you remember that one.
Tuesday, ummmm I have no idea.
Wednesday we went out to Los cubes and everything went well. All our invs out there are progressing well and I'm sure I'll have my first baptisms soon. 
Thursday we worked with a menos activo. We watched a movie with him and all went good. Plus he and his family came to church for the first time in years. After that all our citas fell.  But in the night it started raining really really hard with lightning striking right over us...about ten mins later I look outside and our house was about to flood... that's what the picture of all the water is ha.
The next day... Friday we had a zone meeting. Rowan and I went an hour early so we could get McDonalds breakfast... Soooooo good!! The zone meeting was kinda boring it was about things we are already doing but that's ok cause like getting out of Palencia and going down to the Cap.  After that we went out to Los Cubes again and worked with our invs out there, all went well again. 
Saturday was a day of nothing ha. I feel like when we don’t go out to Los Cubes are days are crap. Sunday let's see... Sunday was fun, Pres Watts and Hermana Watts came to do a interview with one of Garcia and Huel's invs and while he did the interview we went to primary with Hermana Watts and it was really fun she was loving it. The primary was practicing their play for Wizard of Oz and it was really funny. After that, they left and we continued with the rest of church. After church... alllll of our citas fell and we did basically nothing. Well that's my week! On to the next one! Love you all!

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