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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello Family! Once again this week has flown by! Monday we went and searched for a waterfall but the people who took us had no idea where they were taking us, so we basically hung out by a river. After that it was a normal P-day. Tuesday we went out to Los Cubes with Magda Diaz (member) and we just taught our regulars. They are progressing well but one said that she heard a voice say “ No estas preparada” (“you aren’t ready”) and now she doesn’t want to be baptized until that voice tells her she is ready… I was thinking we should just go over while she’s sleeping and whisper to her :) just kidding. We are going to teach her exactly what the requirements are for baptism and see what she thinks she faults. Wednesday was crap day, but I did eat a chicken foot (by choice) for the first time and it was good! So if you have the chance - do it! I know Dad ate a lot in his mission, did he like them? Thursday was just a normal day nothing stood out. Friday we went to Los Cubes and only a few of our invs were there but we still taught 2 lessons. Afterwards we went to the Gatica’s and made them Lacky omelettes :) Saturday there was a baptism of a guy named Ramon. He’s been an invs for almost a year and it’s been a long road for him and his family. His family got baptized a few weeks ago but Ramon had to wait on approval from Salt Lake. And he got it! So the baptism happened. He lives in the area of the other 2 missionaries here in Palencia. Other than that we really didn’t do anything Saturday. Sunday we didn’t have invs in church. After church we went out and worked a little, but not really. Other than that it was a good week. I was going to answer some of your questions but I forgot which ones. Also I’m sending you a package mom that has a birthday present for Morgan, two shirts that I bought here but I want when I get home and something for Dad. Also I have something for you in mind but I need to get the right color! That’s all, LOVE YOU ALL!

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  1. Sorry I didn't get a.letter off this week. The internet is down. Too hard to write on phone. Sounds like you had a good week. Love you.