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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8, 2011

Another week gone... Wow. 
Monday for P-day (last week) we played soccer as a zone and after went to Wal-Mart and I ate Taco bell and McDonalds. Tuesday we went out to Los Cubes and had 2 good lessons and a few new investigators. Wednesday was real mellow, we had district meeting, lunch as a district then out to work. We got a lot out of a menos activo and he promised us he’s coming to church not this week but the next. Thursday I had my first zone conference. It was fun. President Watts and his wife and the 2 APs gave talks and taught. We also had lunch there. After lunch we went out and taught a member girl who’s 8 about baptism. Then after that we went up to the Diaz house for the birthday celebration of Elder Hueles, he turned 24 (older than I’ll be when I’m done haha) we ate cake and had some fun. Thursday we went out to Los Cubes again everything went well. It sounds like 3 are for sure going to church. Saturday went by fast, we only had one lesson but it was a good lesson. Tomorrow is Sunday I’ll tell you how it goes…
OK Sunday was good we had 2 investigators in church and they liked it a lot. We went to Los Cubes after church and had 2 good lessons and 7 new investigators. So we will have some new people to work with this week.  Not much to write about this week. 
This week flew by real fast. But right now we have some solid investigators. So I might be seeing my first baptisms in a few weeks! Also I got my package. Thank you for the junk food! And your article mom, you’re so funny. And I think Grandma Asdel sent the Gatorade powder. So if she did tell her thanks! This week for P-day we want to go to Mega Paca, which is like a giant thrift store. You know how I am with thrift stores…so I will be using my paypal card! Well that’s all! Love you all, have a good week!

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  1. I sent the gatoraide, peanut butter cups, swedish fish, and a slim jim. Don't remember if anything else. Forgot the dried fruit. Next time. Love you and so proud of your lessons and people you are working with. Miss you too!