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Friday, August 5, 2011

August 1, 2011

Let me tell you about my week…
First Monday, the pictures from way up high that I sent, those are from a mountain called Pico de Palencia. It’s been banned for the last 2ish years because an Elder tried to run down and got hurt. Well we got it un-banned and went. We hiked up forever through the clouds and when we got to the top you couldn’t see anything. But it cleared up and you could see the whole city.
Next was Tuesday, my comp was sick and I was bored out of my mind all day. Next was Wednesday, not much just a normal day.
Then the next day we had interviews with Pres and Hermana Watts. With Hermana Watts we just talked and I told her some stuff my house is lacking such as microwave, blender, fan, and bookshelf. So apparently I’ll be getting those soon. With Pres we talked about how my family is doing and some advice for my investigators. Oh also Hermana Watts gave us cinnamon rolls, YUMM.
Next day was Friday, Friday we went to an area about 30 mins. out of Palencia called Los Cubes. On the way there we crossed a cool river and that’s what the photo of me by the river is. Out in Los Cubes we had success and got some new investigators. So looks like we will be going out there more often. Saturday was a normal day, Elder Rowan hit one year this week so la familia Gatica wanted to have us over to feed us (they feed us about twice a week). But they fed us fried chicken, rice, salad, and…mashed potatoes! They were so good! And after we all were throwing handfuls of rice at each other…I don’t know why. 
Sunday was good just a regular Sunday and no investigators in church… maybe next week! 
Well, see you for now. Love you!

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  1. So glad you are doing well and are safe. Hope your companion feels better. It will be easier to cook ehen you get your new things for your house. Great to have some new investigators in the new area. So proud of you. Love you. Grandma and Grandpa