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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27, 2012

Elder Somers and Elder Asdel in San Jose Peten

Herrro, it's been a fast week like always and I feel like there is nothing to write about. Well ok I guess there is some. I can tell you who we are working with of first possibility is family R-m-r-z, they have been off and on with the church for a while but never baptized. They are a family of 5 and not married. Well the dad had some trouble with his papers but now we can get them, they are cleared for pickup. Tonight we are going to their house to plan the wedding and baptismal dates. 
Next we have Erb-n he is a taxi driver we found that could be a possibility the only thing is we can only find him when he is working. 
Then we have the family of J--n C-rl-s it's just him and his wife. We haven’t taught them much but they are one of the only family's the last Elders left us with and we have a lesson with them tomorrow. They aren't married and that could be their only problem. 
Lastly we have a 14 year old boy J-s-, he has been to church about 6 or 7 times and his older brother was baptized last year. We aren't sure why J-s- isn't baptized, but we will try to figure that out this week. So there is your fill on who we are working with. 
So far I love/hate the area... love because I'm pretty sure it's the coolest area in the mission, but weather wise it is far from cool, it's burning hot all day and we are walking in the sun. I hate hate hate hate hate putting sun screen on but in this area I actually put it on cause I’d die if not. Next is the hills ha ha I'd say it's like if Palm street had a bunch of babies and made a Palm street city. So if you want to see how I feel wait until the hottest day of the year and go walk up and down Palm street for about 9 hours. Oh wait that won't work, I'm forgetting the humidity haha :) I'm not complaining I just think this area is ridiculous, haha. So it's hot and hilly but has the best lake views and beaches so I love it. This weekend was youth conference in Petén and I saw a bunch of members from La Libertad and Santa Elena, which was cool. 
Oh yeah I forgot this week we took a bus to this village far away and we asked the bus driver when the last bus back was and he said none, so we figured we would get a hitchhike back well we ended up walking for about 2 hours in the dark jungle. It was cool and creepy. We also saw a giant jumping Spider. That's about all for the week. Today was Pday and all we did was play volleyball and soccer. That’s all love you!!! Have a great week! I’ll send pics in a second.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012

Lake Peten Itza

Yes the title explains how I feel. First off my new area is ammmmmmmmmmazing! 
It’s right on the coast of lake Peten Itza far away from everything! My new area is San Jose Peten. 
Next. Ok so I take a long bus to the capital yeah yeah yeah yeah all that... I get there and there is meetings and stuff whatever blah blah day....change conference....dun dun dun. 
So I go in to find out where I’m going and who I am training, and the list of areas and comps. All it says is interview with President Watts... so I wait. And then I get my interview and he tells me, "well Elder Asdel I want to get all out of you that I can this change, not only do I want you training and senior comp but you will be a district leader also." So... now I can’t complain about crappy district leaders anymore because it’s me. 
San Jose Peten Guatemala
So my new comp is Elder Somers from Kansas he has been super cool and willing to do whatever. Our area has crazy hills, steeper than I have ever seen and he is doing good. But yeah so far all is good with him. 
My new area - We both came in new to the area so all we are doing is figuring out who the people are that they were teaching before and all that jazz. 
Elder Somers, Elder Asdel, Elder Smith
Elder Gunnell, Elder Hangsing, Elder Asdel

Elder Asdel Lake Peten Itza
Hopkins is training in my old area so I’m glad he is there. Gunnell is also training in the capital and Way is training in Coban. I have some really cool pictures that I’m going to try to upload right now. I got my package when I went to the Cap and I now have both my cards. Ok time to get some pics up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 13, 2012

Elder Asdel

Well... Good news bad news time. Let's start with the bad.  I have another freaking change! I'm annoyed for 2 reasons. First C-n T-n family is ready to be baptized probably this Saturday or next. Secondly it takes about a change to get used to an area and then your second or third change is when it all starts getting good. Well only having one change in an area is lame, I hope it never happens to me again.  I was really starting to make good friendships and everything with the members and now I'm leaving. I told a few of them I'm coming back after the mission to visit them because I feel I got shorted out of my time here.  Third packing and moving SUCKS. 
Well good news time. C-n T-n will get baptized whether I’m here or not and that's what is important. Second I will get to meet new people in another area. Third I'm training a new missionary. So that means tonight at 9pm I get on a bus to the Capital, drive for 10 hours, go to trainer meetings, and then Wednesday I will go to change conference and learn my new area. 
So if you have not figured it out yet... I'm going to a new area with a new missionary. That means neither one of us will know the area. But all will be good. I know that I'm staying in Petén because I'm leaving my bags here. So yeah, I'm going to be in Petén at the hottest time of the year I hope I don't melt. 
Sitting on top of the world
These last few days have been long because I hate waiting. I'm not nervous or anything I just hate waiting for things to happen. So waiting to go to the capital, waiting to see who my new comp is, and waiting to see where my new area is at is a little annoying. 

Elder Asdel at Tikal

 I'll have all that information for you guys next Monday. At least this change I had time to pack (kinda) and time to use Internet unlike last time. Well I'm going end this email wish me luck with my new comp and that he's not annoying or something. I'll fill you guys in next Monday, love you all have a good week.  ps I went to Tikal today,  hehee!
Elder Asdel standing on top of a temple 

Exploring Ancient Mayan Ruins
Fascinated and Amazed with the Beauty of Tikal

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 6, 2012

Well this week was slow but the good thing is family C-n T-n is sooooooo close to getting baptized. The lawyer was sick this week so things stalled but all is going good. We dropped Ad-lf- M-y- we decided he is nuts. We help him all we can with one thing and then he makes up some new story and never tells us the real problem. And he hasn’t come to church in forever and every time we tell him if he wants to progress he needs to go to church, and he’s like I know but this that this that this that. Every day a new story... so we saw that he doesn’t really want to progress. 
Today p-day was fun. We went to Santa Ana and played soccer. We had never been, so we went out to the free-way and asked for a jalon and a semi truck stopped and we all got in a semi and went to Santa Ana which was fun...

After that we came back and went to Burger King and now we are using internet. My comp is going home so he’s been slowly packing and getting ready.
I hope all was good in Puerto Rico for you birthday and I’m glad you got to do something fun. But a 6am flight at LAX on standby... could have told you that you weren’t getting on that one hehehehehe haha. But good thing you made it hehe. 
I got some pictures today lets see if I can get it sent.  One is my district, inside of the semi truck today and the other is me in San Miguel looking at the Island of Flores. It’s kind of making fun of other pics I've seen haha. 

So that’s all for this week. 
love you all and happy birthday again mom! Love you!! 
Oh and I cut some pants cause its super hot haha.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 30, 2012

wellll welll welll wellll welll... I’m beat, I had a crazy p-day today. We woke up early and went on a adventure from Santa Elena alllllll the way around to San Miguel it was crazy but it was cool. We got some good pictures and some cool views. We just finished all that. 
This week was slow we just keep visiting C-n T-n and Ad-lf- M-y- because my comp can’t really handle more. With Ad-lf- he’s being ridiculous. We help him with one problem and he makes up a new one. idk what his problem is but Smith and I are about to drop him cause we do all we can to fix one problem and he makes up a new one. We got the aspirin problem gone and got the ok from Pres Watts that he can get baptized and he made up a new problem. I can count about 6 reasons he’s made up that are just dumb. We aren’t really seeing any progression with him. 
C-n T-n on the other hand is going good. The papers are going through and all is in favor of Hermano C-n T-n. So we just got to keep going with that. Their fecha is the 4th so hopefully it all works out before that. 
I saw Jeremy this week. He is still here... about to get married to this chick in my branch here. I think that’s why he hasn’t gone back to the states yet. And he’s also getting some business with scripture cases going. So yeah, killing two birds with one stone. He’s always with that girl haha. My guess is he asks her to marry him on Valentines Day hahahaha. 
Hmmm what else I can’t think I’m freaking beat from today haha. 
Saturday the Elders in Flores had a baptism so we went to that. Now that I think about it this week was super fast haha. Well I’m going to end my letter cause that’s all I have for now. Happy Birthday Mom even tho its a lil early I loveee you and have fun in Puerto Rico! Love you all, have a good week.