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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27, 2012

Elder Somers and Elder Asdel in San Jose Peten

Herrro, it's been a fast week like always and I feel like there is nothing to write about. Well ok I guess there is some. I can tell you who we are working with of first possibility is family R-m-r-z, they have been off and on with the church for a while but never baptized. They are a family of 5 and not married. Well the dad had some trouble with his papers but now we can get them, they are cleared for pickup. Tonight we are going to their house to plan the wedding and baptismal dates. 
Next we have Erb-n he is a taxi driver we found that could be a possibility the only thing is we can only find him when he is working. 
Then we have the family of J--n C-rl-s it's just him and his wife. We haven’t taught them much but they are one of the only family's the last Elders left us with and we have a lesson with them tomorrow. They aren't married and that could be their only problem. 
Lastly we have a 14 year old boy J-s-, he has been to church about 6 or 7 times and his older brother was baptized last year. We aren't sure why J-s- isn't baptized, but we will try to figure that out this week. So there is your fill on who we are working with. 
So far I love/hate the area... love because I'm pretty sure it's the coolest area in the mission, but weather wise it is far from cool, it's burning hot all day and we are walking in the sun. I hate hate hate hate hate putting sun screen on but in this area I actually put it on cause I’d die if not. Next is the hills ha ha I'd say it's like if Palm street had a bunch of babies and made a Palm street city. So if you want to see how I feel wait until the hottest day of the year and go walk up and down Palm street for about 9 hours. Oh wait that won't work, I'm forgetting the humidity haha :) I'm not complaining I just think this area is ridiculous, haha. So it's hot and hilly but has the best lake views and beaches so I love it. This weekend was youth conference in Petén and I saw a bunch of members from La Libertad and Santa Elena, which was cool. 
Oh yeah I forgot this week we took a bus to this village far away and we asked the bus driver when the last bus back was and he said none, so we figured we would get a hitchhike back well we ended up walking for about 2 hours in the dark jungle. It was cool and creepy. We also saw a giant jumping Spider. That's about all for the week. Today was Pday and all we did was play volleyball and soccer. That’s all love you!!! Have a great week! I’ll send pics in a second.

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