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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 13, 2012

Elder Asdel

Well... Good news bad news time. Let's start with the bad.  I have another freaking change! I'm annoyed for 2 reasons. First C-n T-n family is ready to be baptized probably this Saturday or next. Secondly it takes about a change to get used to an area and then your second or third change is when it all starts getting good. Well only having one change in an area is lame, I hope it never happens to me again.  I was really starting to make good friendships and everything with the members and now I'm leaving. I told a few of them I'm coming back after the mission to visit them because I feel I got shorted out of my time here.  Third packing and moving SUCKS. 
Well good news time. C-n T-n will get baptized whether I’m here or not and that's what is important. Second I will get to meet new people in another area. Third I'm training a new missionary. So that means tonight at 9pm I get on a bus to the Capital, drive for 10 hours, go to trainer meetings, and then Wednesday I will go to change conference and learn my new area. 
So if you have not figured it out yet... I'm going to a new area with a new missionary. That means neither one of us will know the area. But all will be good. I know that I'm staying in Petén because I'm leaving my bags here. So yeah, I'm going to be in Petén at the hottest time of the year I hope I don't melt. 
Sitting on top of the world
These last few days have been long because I hate waiting. I'm not nervous or anything I just hate waiting for things to happen. So waiting to go to the capital, waiting to see who my new comp is, and waiting to see where my new area is at is a little annoying. 

Elder Asdel at Tikal

 I'll have all that information for you guys next Monday. At least this change I had time to pack (kinda) and time to use Internet unlike last time. Well I'm going end this email wish me luck with my new comp and that he's not annoying or something. I'll fill you guys in next Monday, love you all have a good week.  ps I went to Tikal today,  hehee!
Elder Asdel standing on top of a temple 

Exploring Ancient Mayan Ruins
Fascinated and Amazed with the Beauty of Tikal

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