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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 6, 2012

Well this week was slow but the good thing is family C-n T-n is sooooooo close to getting baptized. The lawyer was sick this week so things stalled but all is going good. We dropped Ad-lf- M-y- we decided he is nuts. We help him all we can with one thing and then he makes up some new story and never tells us the real problem. And he hasn’t come to church in forever and every time we tell him if he wants to progress he needs to go to church, and he’s like I know but this that this that this that. Every day a new story... so we saw that he doesn’t really want to progress. 
Today p-day was fun. We went to Santa Ana and played soccer. We had never been, so we went out to the free-way and asked for a jalon and a semi truck stopped and we all got in a semi and went to Santa Ana which was fun...

After that we came back and went to Burger King and now we are using internet. My comp is going home so he’s been slowly packing and getting ready.
I hope all was good in Puerto Rico for you birthday and I’m glad you got to do something fun. But a 6am flight at LAX on standby... could have told you that you weren’t getting on that one hehehehehe haha. But good thing you made it hehe. 
I got some pictures today lets see if I can get it sent.  One is my district, inside of the semi truck today and the other is me in San Miguel looking at the Island of Flores. It’s kind of making fun of other pics I've seen haha. 

So that’s all for this week. 
love you all and happy birthday again mom! Love you!! 
Oh and I cut some pants cause its super hot haha.

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  1. Dear Elder Asdel,
    I sent you a letter through dear elder last year sometime but apparently you never got I'll comment here and your mom will send it to you. I have really enjoyed reading about your mission. I get a kick out of reading about eating at Taco Bell or Burger king. Are there no really good local places with good food? Lauren is in the MTC right now planning to serve in the Illinois Chicago mission speaking Spanish. She really enjoys it. She and her companion get along very well. She also indicates that her district is awesome. Well, keep up the good work. We are proud of all our missionaries. regards, Lisa Stassforth