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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 30, 2012

wellll welll welll wellll welll... I’m beat, I had a crazy p-day today. We woke up early and went on a adventure from Santa Elena alllllll the way around to San Miguel it was crazy but it was cool. We got some good pictures and some cool views. We just finished all that. 
This week was slow we just keep visiting C-n T-n and Ad-lf- M-y- because my comp can’t really handle more. With Ad-lf- he’s being ridiculous. We help him with one problem and he makes up a new one. idk what his problem is but Smith and I are about to drop him cause we do all we can to fix one problem and he makes up a new one. We got the aspirin problem gone and got the ok from Pres Watts that he can get baptized and he made up a new problem. I can count about 6 reasons he’s made up that are just dumb. We aren’t really seeing any progression with him. 
C-n T-n on the other hand is going good. The papers are going through and all is in favor of Hermano C-n T-n. So we just got to keep going with that. Their fecha is the 4th so hopefully it all works out before that. 
I saw Jeremy this week. He is still here... about to get married to this chick in my branch here. I think that’s why he hasn’t gone back to the states yet. And he’s also getting some business with scripture cases going. So yeah, killing two birds with one stone. He’s always with that girl haha. My guess is he asks her to marry him on Valentines Day hahahaha. 
Hmmm what else I can’t think I’m freaking beat from today haha. 
Saturday the Elders in Flores had a baptism so we went to that. Now that I think about it this week was super fast haha. Well I’m going to end my letter cause that’s all I have for now. Happy Birthday Mom even tho its a lil early I loveee you and have fun in Puerto Rico! Love you all, have a good week.

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