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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 23, 2012

Well well well well well I’m beat we just had zone activity in San Andres and played soccer in the sun right by the lake and yeah I’m about to fall asleep haha. 
Well the good news this week is we have 5 fechas...4 with the family C-n T-n and 1 with Ad-lph- M-y-.
Family C-n T-n can get married after all the stuff we got done and Ad-lph- is doing good with the aspirin haha... who knows if that’s even bad but he feels bad about it so we are working with him. 
Family C-n T-n’s baptism is the 4th but maybe even earlier. We just put it a lil out for some extra time if we need it. 
Other than that we just go to members and menos avtivos to get them back to church or make them keep going to church haha. Here they stop going if the missionaries don’t visit them haha. 
Smith’s health is doing better but not too much different. But at least we aren’t sitting at home doing nothing.  
The letter Dad’s teacher sent Grandpa was nice and looks like Dad is doing super good there. 
Oh so Elder Gunnel is in my old area so that is cool. 
hmmm what else... idk haha just working, not alot but getting what we need done! 
That’s all I have this week. Sorry it’s so short. 
Oh the story about the house! haha it wasn’t my fault it was Smith’s. Sisters used to live at our house and I found a Harry Potter room that had all their old stuff like nail polish remover and what not. So at the desk I filled a jar with nail polish remover and lit it on fire...well it was just like a fire in a jar and when I wanted to put it out it didn’t want to go out so Smith covered it with a pan and knocked it off the table and it spilt and fire went everywhere...not my fault heheehe. 
Well that’s all love you!!!! Have a good week.

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  1. Hi Elder Asdel! I just got your blog from your mom after church today! I've read over some of your letters - it sounds like you are having a great time in Guatemala and doing great work for the Lord!

    It amazes me that you young men and women go out of your comfort zone to a country where you don't know the language or the customs and yet survive it all while teaching the gospel to those that are ready to hear your message!

    I'm excited that the sister missionarys in our ward are doing some splits once in awhile and have asked if I would be interested in participating - I'm anxious to go out with them and have a little of the experience the missionarys have.

    We're all so proud to have you in the mission field. Since your mom has become the primary president, she is kept very busy - a good thing for her right now!!

    Take care and keep up the good work!

    Sister Susan Chandler