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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

okokokokok this email will be a quick one but with some good stuff. 
First, my comp is still sick and I’m pretty sure he will be sick until he goes home cause I’m pretty sure it takes a while to get over pneumonia but we are still able to teach about 2 lessons each day. Right now we are focusing on the family C-nt-n and Ad-lph- M-y-. 
First off the family C-nt-n, they are super ready to be baptized but they need to get married first and they can’t cause the dad’s brother stole his identity and got married with his name a long time ago. So he has never been able to get married. Well we got money together and raised enough to pay a lawyer to work out the problem and get his identity back.  We are starting with that and it sounds like all is going to work out good! 
Next Ad-lph- M-y-, he has been a investigator for a while and has read the Book of Mormon and understood it well. The first few times we taught him he kept making up stuff about why he didn’t want to get baptized and we couldn’t get the real answer...nobody has...well this last week we got the reason! He says he has a problem with aspirin and takes them when he doesn’t need them and wants to quit. Well we made a goal to get him off the aspirin and only use them when he needs them and he’s super happy we are helping him. And then the 11th of Feb he wants to get baptized if he has kicked the habit! Sooo that’s what we are working on for now! Short email but I don’t have more! Love you all have a good week.

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