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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012

Lake Peten Itza

Yes the title explains how I feel. First off my new area is ammmmmmmmmmazing! 
It’s right on the coast of lake Peten Itza far away from everything! My new area is San Jose Peten. 
Next. Ok so I take a long bus to the capital yeah yeah yeah yeah all that... I get there and there is meetings and stuff whatever blah blah day....change conference....dun dun dun. 
So I go in to find out where I’m going and who I am training, and the list of areas and comps. All it says is interview with President Watts... so I wait. And then I get my interview and he tells me, "well Elder Asdel I want to get all out of you that I can this change, not only do I want you training and senior comp but you will be a district leader also." So... now I can’t complain about crappy district leaders anymore because it’s me. 
San Jose Peten Guatemala
So my new comp is Elder Somers from Kansas he has been super cool and willing to do whatever. Our area has crazy hills, steeper than I have ever seen and he is doing good. But yeah so far all is good with him. 
My new area - We both came in new to the area so all we are doing is figuring out who the people are that they were teaching before and all that jazz. 
Elder Somers, Elder Asdel, Elder Smith
Elder Gunnell, Elder Hangsing, Elder Asdel

Elder Asdel Lake Peten Itza
Hopkins is training in my old area so I’m glad he is there. Gunnell is also training in the capital and Way is training in Coban. I have some really cool pictures that I’m going to try to upload right now. I got my package when I went to the Cap and I now have both my cards. Ok time to get some pics up.

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