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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 5, 2012

Elder Asdel - San Jose, Peten
Well this week has been pretty good, another fast week. This week our main focus was H-g-. We now have a date for his wedding and baptism. We have been working our butts off getting this organized its nuts, but the good thing is its going to happen. H-g- is ready but his wife doesn’t want to yet. So the tenth of March is the wedding, and the 17th is the baptism for just H-g-.  Hopefully after that we can get the wife to feel ready/want to.  H-g- is super happy. 
Lately it has been supppppppppper hot. But yesterday rained and it felt so good to just get soaked in the rain. We walk alot up and down hills under the sun and its getting old, but what ever, at least it has amazing views of the lake ha. 
This Sunday we had a 14 year old J-s- at church and he could be a good possibility baptism. 
Training is going pretty good I’m liking it alot. District Leader is kinda lame its just more things you have to do but I guess its cool cause I get to choose p-day and stuff like that. 

Catching the tarantula
I got all my pictures copied over to some usbs that I will be sending home soon. Get ready for a load  of pictures haha. 
Speaking of pictures, lets see what pictures I have for you guys this week. haha first I'll explain the tarantula and scorpion pictures. We decided to fight the 2 craziest things we could find that weren’t animals like snakes or something. So we just kept our eyes peeled looking for things to fight as we walked. Well within two nights we had a tarantula and a scorpion. As you can see in one of the pictures I used a cardboard box and a cup to catch the tarantula and my comp used pliers to catch the scorpion hehehe. Well we fought them and it was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it was like a flying ball of fire in a big jar and I thought the scorpion won cause he got the tarantula pretty good but then the tarantula pinned him down and twisted his stinger until it fell off and the scorpion was deaaaaaaaaaaaaad. So now we know a tarantula is more dope than a scorpion hahaha.  The other pics are just random and also one that I thought was a cool tree. And one that is to show you how good wakeboarding would be here haha. 
This week was interviews they were super fast but it was nice to talk to Pres and Hermana Watts a lil bit. hmm what else is there to talk about... The members here are super cool and they are starting to trust us alot and help us out with the work so that is good. 
Today for p-day we went to petencito, it’s like a little zoo and we found shut down water slides... well you’ll just have to wait and see the videos for what happened with those! hahha...
Elder Asdel wishing wakeboarding was a p-day option

Well I’m gunna end this email.  Gooood bye, love you all... have a great week!!

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