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Friday, March 30, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hey! This week was great. H-g- got married... I’ve never worked this hard in
my life but the pay off was worth it! The wedding was a little bumpy but it
happened. I don’t feel like complaining right now ha. 
H-g-’s baptism fell cause he was drinking. But he’s now married so when he stops drinking he can
get baptized, and hopefully by then his family too! 
The wedding turned out great. There was alot of people there and the food was good. 
J-s-’s baptism fell because there was no water in the city so we couldn’t do
Baptism at the Lake
it... oh wait I thought I said this week was great. Well it was even tho
J-s-’s baptism fell on Saturday because then we had it on Sunday in the
morning at the lake, yessssss in the lake! The pictures are amazing! 
yeee yeee yeeeee So I’m getting you the pictures and some from the wedding. That is
all my week consisted of. 
And now I’m in Flores with Ch-v-z cause my comp
went to the cap to do something and wont be back till late tonight. 
So yesterday and today I've been with Ch-v-z. He is super fun...  hahaha!  
Well it was a good week even though H-g- was lame. 
A few of the members helped us out a ton and we were very glad for that help (we normally don’t get haha). So the rest of today I’m just with Ch-v-z and we have to go pick up our comps tonight super
late that’s all I have. 
H-g-'s family
J-s- and Elder S-m-r

Love you all have a great week! Also happy birthday Dad (again)! haha yeeeee

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