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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012

Wassssup wassssup. Well lets start of with how we actually did something for zone activity today!!! And guess what... the zone leaders had the district leaders vote on what we are doing and left it up to me to plan it, with the bus and everything...
The Castillo San Felipe de Lara
Well I got it all planned good and everything went great. We went to Rio Dulce, it was super cool it's in an area where the river leads into the ocean.  We went to a castle called Castillo San Felipe or something like that. It was nice seeing big ocean boats drive by haha. We all had fun.  The bus drive was super long but we made it and I know I had fun hehe. 
Well the wedding didn’t happen this week but the wedding and baptism is going down this Saturday! yeee. 
Also we have another fecha with this kid J-s-. He is super cool and his fecha is on dad's birthday and it also happens to be his birthday too! I thought it was really cool because we asked him to get baptized and to pick a date and he chose his birthday! 
This week I got a really cool picture of me walking on water... I was being me and wanting to see more of the castle and everybody else was in the castle so I decided to take my shoes off and explore some more.  When I was walking back they took a picture of me walking on water. Sadly, you don’t get to see it until next week. It's super late and I need to get back to my area so I’m going to end this email but you guys basically got everything that is going on! Love you all and have a great week!!
El Castillo is located in a very picturesque setting at the narrowest point along the Rio Dulce. 
 *pictures came from internet search

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