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Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2, 2012

Haha I’m gunna hit a year on Friday, time has flown.  This week was slow for working. We didn’t get home till Tuesday cause my comp went to the Cap until Monday and also conference. So we didn’t really do much. We tried to go teach J-s- about priesthood so he can get it soon but he went out of town for Samana Santa. 
Right now my area is filled with fair type stuff at the beach and like 23487263784623784623784623874 people swimming and drinking for Semana Santa. 
H-g- we haven’t really seen much, my comp and I kinda just wanted a break from him, so we only went to his house about three times this week. 
We looked for news (investigators) but its hard because all the people here right now are not from here.  This week is Semana Santa, its like Guatemala spring break, so its crazy. I’m enjoying watching the craziness. It’s also good because my area has hardly any food, but there is all kinds of street food right now for cheap. My comp and I are enjoying the tacos and pizza haha. 
Conference was good, we went to San Benito to watch it and I stayed the night at Elder Paynes house cause I didn’t want to go all the way back to my area and come back for Sunday. We had a lil room for English so we didn’t have to watch it in Spanish. Our lil room had a/c so it was nice to be out of the sun for two days haha. 
Today for p-day we went in some caves they were nuts. It took about 2 hours to hike and there were parts where you had to army crawl tiny spaces. We all came out supper muddy but it was cool. My headlamp light worked very well. 
Today I ate Burger King it tasted like America as always haha. 
This week I’m not sure how its going to be because Semana Santa craziness haha. Also I have a decent amount of stuff I want to send home. Its papers and some other stuff I don’t want to carry around but I don’t want to lose. Also there is a post card for two members from Ventura who sent me letters, and pictures for them tooooo. Haha. 
So yesterday was April Fools so I decided to call Elder Gunnell and I made up some story about how I kissed a girl at conference and got caught... and I’m going to the Cap to have a interview with Pres Watts! And he fell for it and was freaking out hahaha. Then I told him oh the zone leaders are calling I have to give them stats for the week... "what’s the day today to put on my stats sheet?"  and he says April first... and I say fooooooool and he laughed haha. That’s all for this week love you all and have a good week!

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