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Friday, April 13, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey! This week was no good for work. Nobody was home and everybody was out at the beach for holy week. But my comp and I tried anyway. We taught Jose a few times.  We are mainly looking for news (investigators). We have a few news that we are excited to work with and hopefully they will progress well. 
My one year was fun... we ate at a restaurant on the beach and I made a glass bottle filled with gas to burn my shirt haha. I burned a long sleeve since I have 2 and I don’t use either one of them haha. 
Elder Asdel in San Jose Guatemala celebrating 1 year as a missionary

The night I fell in the hole was pretty funny. I was walking in the dark and all the sudden I started falling, and I had no clue what was happening and then I stopped haha. I got out and I could tell I smacked my shin. I looked at it and the blood was almost to my sock already. The picture you saw was when it was got worse. But now it’s not bad. I’m sure you want to know what I fell in. It was a storm drain without a cap. They are everywhere and I’ve always been scared to fall in well now it has happened. Good thing I fell in because if I didn’t my comp would have fell in from a worse position and probably bust some teeth out. 
Lets see what else is going on...  ummmm it’s hot. The actual temp is about 100ish everyday but with the humidity it says the feel is like 120ish ha. If you’re lying in bed and your legs touch together you sweat. My comp and I have our own fan and its pointed on us all night... if not you don’t sleep ha. Sometimes the power goes out and you wake up sweaty... sweating while sleeping.... imagine what walking out in the sun is like haha. 
I’m not exactly ready to leave San Jose but if I do in three weeks I won't be mad... I want to leave Peten so if I have a change hopefully I’m out of Peten... as of right now I don’t care where I go. But I would like to be around some people from my group because I’m the only one in my group in Peten. On my one year I took some funny pictures for you guys... the pictures are titled one year until I’m pretty sure those quote marks are the wrong type but it was all I could find on this Spanish keyboard haha. And another one of me with mangoes... yes its mango season. They are yummy and also cheap. It’s like 75 cents for a big bag of them. 
Elder Asdel loves mangoes

All is good right now. I got you packages mom and the handles but I haven’t tried them yet... I’ll try soon. Thanks for all the Easter snacks... I forgot it was Easter until like the day before haha. 
Easter Sunday nobody went to church...nobody goes on Easter or they don’t understand the meaning of either holiday. Today we didn’t do anything really. We played some pool and ran some errands. This week I’m going to try to send this package out... I will load it up good and put the usbs in it.
Elder Asdel at Lago Peten Itza in San Jose Guatemala
That’s all for this week. Love you all and have a great week! Exactly one year from tomorrow I'll be home hehe.

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