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Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 16, 2012

 Hello - how are all of you?  Today was zone activity and it was lame. Another wasted zone activity...when will the zone leaders learn? ...who knows... oh-weelllllllll 
Elder Payne and I are trying to plan a trip to Yacxa or how ever its spelled... The zls said we can go if we meet our goals. So I will meet my goals so I can go. I’m really sick of my zls. But they will probably get changed this change...whatever...this week was good. We have been working with a member’s son Oscar.  His schedule makes it hard to meet with him but we have made alot of progress.  His dad told us yesterday that his son asked what he needs to do if he gets baptized so it looks like we will be putting a fecha with him this week. 
Other than that we are stillllll looking for new fams and its stillllll hottttttttt. Maybe a freeeezing cold ice storm will come in tomorrow.... if only... 
The best way to send music would be to send it on one of the usbs I will be sending with pics when you send it back. The house demolition pictures are weird hopefully the new house isn’t tooooooo big...
It's hot and I’m tired. I want a powerade and a water.... Here where we use internet is the only place I know of to get powerade in Guate so I will get one. My comp and I are doing good and having fun. I don’t really have much to write about... As you know sometimes a week can go by quick with nothing really happening.... Oh a member from my branch is leaving on his mission tomorrow to a nice north mission. He’s 24 and excited to go. He went inactive for a while and now is active and that’s why he’s not leaving till now. For Latinos, most of them leave around 20 to 22. Most of them are older. 
I saw an opossum playing dead in the street I kinda wanted to scare it just for faking it haha. Those things are nassssty. Well that’s all I got. Love you all and have a good weeeek oh and I still haven’t tried the new handles. hehe this week I will.

*note from Dana - 
Yaxha is a National park located in the Peten basin with over 500 structures from the ancient Mayan civilization.

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